Running Free
8th February 1980
23rd May 1980
Women In Uniform
27th October 1980
Twilight Zone
2nd March 1981
15th June 1981
Maiden Japan 12"
14th September 1981
Run To The Hills
12th February 1982
The Number Of The Beast
26th April 1982
Flight Of Icarus
11th April 1983
The Trooper
20th June 1983
2 Minutes To Midnight
6th August 1984
Aces High
22nd October 1984
Running Free (Live)
23rd September 1985
Run To The Hills (Live)
2nd December 1985
Wasted Years
6th September 1986
Stranger In A Strange Land
22nd November 1986
Can I Play With Madness
20th March 1988
The Evil That Men Do
1st August 1988
The Clairvoyant
7th November 1988
Infinite Dreams (Live)
6th November 1989
Holy Smoke
10th September 1990
Bring Your Daughter…
To The Slaughter

24th December 1990
Be Quick Or Be Dead
13th April 1992
From Here To Eternity
29th June 1992
Wasting Love
1st September 1992
Fear Of The Dark (Live)
1st March 1993
Hallowed Be Thy Name

4th October 1993
Man On The Edge
25th September 1995
Lord Of The Flies
2nd February 1996

2nd September 1996

28th July 1998
The Angel And The

9th March 1998
The Wicker Man
8th May 2000
Out Of The Silent Planet
23rd October 2000
Run To The Hills
25th March 2002
Wildest Dreams
1st September 2003
24th November 2003
No More Lies
29th March 2004
The Number Of The Beast
3rd January 2005
The Trooper
15th August 2005
The Reincarnation Of
Benjamin Breeg

14th August 2006
Different World
25th December 2006
El Dorado
8th June 2010









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