07 Apr 2009 - Nicko's Diary - Buenos Aires & Recife

Well well well hello boys and girls, it's me again and I'm sitting here on Ed Force One in the parking space in Recife, Brazil. We played a show here last night and this morning we all got up early to get to the airport to depart to Florida, where we're doing out last show tomorrow night, but unfortunately something has gone wrong with the paperwork between the aeroplane, the ground control and the tower and therefore the flight plan people are arguing about who has submitted what and who hasn't submitted what... they're trying to sort out getting us airborne. Until then we're stuck on the ground, we've been sitting here on the plane with the doors shut for 25 minutes -. Never mind, it's part of what you have to expect when you fly your own 757 around the world.

Anyway, time for a little diary. Where have we played... , we went to Lima and where did we go from there... I think I was going Buenos Aires, that's right. We got to Buenos Aires and had a wonderful day. We arrived on the Friday and had a show on the Saturday (I think it was Saturday anyway!) and somebody in their infinite wisdom had decided to get married and have their reception at our hotel. I was in this little courtyard facing what they called 'The Mansion', and they had a bloody disco going on in the mansion until... well I didn't know until when but it kicked off at about half eleven at night and it was the classic disco with the thud-thud-thud kick and snare kicking out, all we could hear was the bass thumping along at 'kin half eleven, quarter to twelve. I wasn't feeling so well after the show, I've got this really bad cough's come on again so I thought I'd have myself an early night. I ended up doing a guided tour of six rooms in the hotel before I had to settle on one which was the 'quietest' of them all (and when I say quietest I mean that in the broadest possible sense). I had to settle down with earplugs in, and I hate sleeping with earplugs - I dunno if anyone's ever had to use them but it's not the most comfortable night of rest you'll have. Anyway that was my apres-gig surprise - I was very upset so I went downstairs to the reception to ask when they were going to finish and the lady said "they've only just started about five minutes ago". Heee hee hee, I was like "you're having a laugh!". Apparently it went on til four in the morning so I did the right thing by changing rooms... anyway....

When we arrived in Buenos Aires and got all checked in, got settled in and decided to go and have a meal in the hotel restaurant, thinking it's a beautiful hotel so it should be good food. So we go downstairs - myself, Iain Day, Steve Gadd, Pete deVroome, his wife Pru, I think that was it. We sat at the table and it was all candlelit, no electric lights burning. They were doing this eco green day world thing, they said they were doing it all week in the restaurant but we think there was an ulterior motive - you couldn't see your food very well and consequently a few of us got pretty sick from this food, but that's another story.

On to the gig. Fantastic - Buenos Aires was a phenomenal audience and we had a great night, the boys played really well. I had to tough it out, it was a bit hard for me cos of these coughing bouts, it's hard to play drums when you want to cough your heart out so that was a little bit difficult. Got through the gig, had a great time and got back to the hotel for my late night guided tour.

The next day we had a couple of days off so flew up to Recife, which is about 5 hours from Buenos Aires. The flight went nice and quickly and we got into Recife and took a 40 minute drive from the airport to a resort called Eco Do Cabo - a resort-type hotel set in this idyllic bay, it was gorgeous with a phenomenal view. The ocean was nice and calm, it was lovely and calm and serene, a very relaxing environment where we all had a couple of days. When we arrived and got checked in, pretty much all the boys went down to the restaurant to have dinner. There was a karaoke bar pounding so Bruce and Jan, Iain, Gaddsy and Davey all went off to that while I went off to bed as I had a game of golf to play the next day. I got a nice rest, it was beautiful and quiet next to the ocean, no traffic noise or any of that crap. Got up the next day to play golf on the only golf course in Recife. It consisted of nine holes and Dave Pattenden, myself and Jeff Weir met at this club and boys and girls, I'm going to be honest - I've never played at such a bad golf course in my life. Dog track? Cow pasture? That would be putting it politely. It was so sad as it was in a perfect location right in the middle of town, nine holes... but it was a mess. The driving range shared the first fairway... I dunno, make your own mind up, but we didn't have the best of times out there. It was nice to be out playing, swinging an iron and clobbering that lttle ball up and down the fairways (or roughways)...

I went to bed pretty early and watched a couple of movies on the telly, getitng my head down at about half twelve. The next day was gig day - I went for a little walk on the beach, had a spot of lunch at the pool bar and enjoyed the sunshine and serenity. We got in the vans at about four o'clock, checked out of the hotels and went to a different hotel in downtown Recife cos we didn't want to be so far away from the airport for this flight today cos we had to start early. By the way boys and girls, ten minutes later we're still on the ground, we haven't moved... oh there's a little yellow truck with four men in it... yes, they're stopping at the front of the plane... mmmm good news or bad news I wonder, your guess is as good as mine. So we did the show last night - fantastic, absolutely amazing. We've never played Recife before and we had about 16,000 kids in last night and that's really good for somewhere we haven't been before. It was an outdoor show - it was cracking. The only thing is, the last three shows we've done didn't seem to have enough... power. The onstage sound didn't have that... didn't have any bottom-end bollocks to it, didn't have any meat and potatoes, just had the gravy y'know. Still a great night though, Bruce was on fine form, he'd been suffering from a bit of a sore throat and not feeling on top of his game the last few days but he certainly pulled it out last night... and he sang very well too. Hahahahaha.

Did the show, we all had a great time and got back to the hotel by about quarter past eleven as it was only ten minutes or so from the gig. We had a police escort, must have been about fifteen motorcycle outriders stopping all the traffic on the way, it was bizarre but they did a fine job of getting us home quick and safe. T were a few drinks laid on by Gabriella and the local promoters but I swerved away from the bar on the fifteenth floor and went to my room and watched a bit of the Miami Sony Ericsson Open and finally got off to sleep at about one o'clock. Had to put lugplugs in again but never mind... and this is it - we're sitting on a plane waiting to get home. Of course, would you believe it... I want to get back to my house in Florida, see the family and we're going to be another 40 minutes sitting here.

What more can I say... not a lot. We've got the show tomorrow night in Fort Lauderdale, my home town. This'll be the last diary I do for you cos Mr Smallwood's coming in tomorrow, meeting us in Fort Lauderdale, and I'll be returning his little machine that I'm talking into and I spose he'll fill you in on all the finer details of the Bank Atlantic Iron Maiden mayhem night in Fort Lauderdale.

Boys and girls, it's been a blast, for those of you who've seen us on the tour - thanks so much for coming. For those of you that didn't - why not, why didn't you come? And some of you are going 'well you're a fool Nick, it's cos you've been playing in South America and we're in Europe or some other part of the world!'  But we love you all, I love you all and we'll see you next tour! There'll be a brand new record just prior to the tour I'm sure and I'll look forward to seeing all your lovely smiling faces when we go back out next year or the year after. Take care, god bless you and stay safe. Bye bye.

- Nicko

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