11 Jul 1999 - Dave - St John

Janick and I arrived on Tuesday night and after checking into our hotel, the first job we had to do was to find the nearest bar and down a few beers. Of course this was to delay the effects of jet lag!! We have taken over the local venue for production rehearsals. It's a really large arena, and believe me it needs to be a big place because the stage set is ENORMOUS! It was a great feeling as we walked in to see the sheer size of everything. It reminded me of the shows that we put on in the 1980's and it's definitely the biggest since the Powerslave tour.

The stage area is 10 or 15 feet wider which is great because there's going to be plenty of stuff going on since there's now 5 of us running around the stage.. We also have something special going on before we hit the stage, so anyone coming to the show should get there early. Once again, Eddie has changed his looks and can't wait to get out of his cage. He looks awesome!

We are all really vibed-up about this tour and it will be great to play the songs that have been included in our computer game - ED HUNTER - since they are the songs chosen by the fans.

All in all, I'm so excited about the tour. I can't wait to play and the fans we have spoken to can't wait to see the show. Bruce is singing better than ever and it's fantastic to have Adrian back alongside us. The boys are definitely back in town!!


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