14 Jul 1999 - Nicko - Montreal

Well hello EVERYONE, Nicko here! How the devil are you? Yes, I'm feeling fine thank you very much.

It's 2am on the 14th July straight after the show in Montreal. I can tell you, these fans REALLY ROCK! We hit the stage at 8.45 last night to a completely CRAZY crowd. The lights went down and the temperature went up, the fans were going nuts. We started on full octane and stayed there for a while, but I've got to say my wheels came off and I wasn't quite in the zone for a couple of songs. You know how that goes - AHHHHH! Well, never mind 'cos it settled down after a couple more songs and we got back into the groove.

This tour so far has been a blast. The band are really focused on doing a blazing show and the vibe is excellent amongst everyone. The feeling of completeness is sublime. It really is fantastic to be back together with Bruce and Adrian.

Well look here me lovelies, I'm going to finish up now 'cos it's late and I need my beauty sleep.

So take care of yourselves, God bless ya .

All the best.

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