15 Jul 1999 - Rod - Quebec

Yesterday we set off from the hotel to fly to Quebec at around 2pm. Bruce was to fly with Steve, Nicko, co-pilot Joe, tour photographer Demi Safari, tour manager Alan and myself. At the airport Bruce carried out the pre flight tests which takes about 20min and then Bruce and Steve loaded the luggage on to Bruce's Cessna 421 (see pics). l must say l did enjoy watching the band do all the work for the change. Alan and Joe were in the terminal making travel arrangements whilst Nicko kept out of the way of the work and l took photos! Next to us on the runway was an Experimental plane which Nicko will tell you more about later.

The flight was incredible- all the way down the St, Lawrence Seaway and over Quebec and the Heights of Abraham at about 1500 ft-the view of this massive river was quite breathtaking. We went straight to the gig where we had some very decent food backstage then did some pics with Demi then some interviews and phoners .Support Voivoid -who did all 3 gigs to date- went on around 8 and once again went down very well - you should all check them out. This was quite an unusual outdoor venue with a moat around the stage and Quebec audiences are fantastic ,just like Montreal and St, John, which is one of the reasons we started here. And they certainly didn't let us down last night,drowning out the band on occasions which ,believe me takes some doing!! Again the gig was sold out with about 6500 there and Bruce did much of the talking in French,which he is quite adept at.

After the gig they showered, we had a bite to eat and a few beers- except Bruce who had to fly-then it was back to the airport to fly to New York, and we landed at Newark at 3.15am after another quite beautiful journey in the starlight. l must say it really is great to fly at your own pace and schedule and to be able to fly fairly low and really catch the views- or in this case at night to fly above the clouds and see the stars, none of which you can never do on commercial flights.

Then to the hotel to get some sleep and up, breakfast and writing this for you lot.

Hope you like the pics.

Rod, 9am, July 15

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