18 Jul 1999 - Rod - New York

Just a quick note to you all- its saturday and l want to take some time off !!

The concert last night was very good-- this was the first new york show at the hammerstein ballroom- all the tickets sold out in hours about a month ago and a second show was added for tonight which also sold out quickly......so you could tell noo yawk was just dying to see us ....and the crowd were just great- as loud as you would expect from a new york audience and then some.

We'll have the full story of the NY weekend up here for you after sometime after tonight's show.

The band are out now doing some press shots and tommy vance and VH 1's rock show are just setting up behind me in my room to do band interviews in a few minutes- this is for a maiden special which will air in europe soon. VH 1 USA filmed interviews with us yesterday. There really isn't much peace on tour!!! but l suppose if there wasn't all this media interest in the band l wouldn't be very happy and would go out and find some!!

VH 1 may also use some of my tour movie so watch out for it. we will leave for the gig at about 7 and it's hotter than hell outside...but l guess it will be even hotter inside soon!

see you later

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