17 Sep 1999 - Nicko - Helsinki

Well hello Boys and Girls

At the moment of writing it's about 12.40 pm and we're sitting on the tarmac at Helsinki airport. We've got a race going between ourselves and the other guys. On the Bruce Goose we've got Steve, Rod, John, Jim, Bruce and myself. On the scheduled flight is Davey, H, Jan, Wally and Steve Cox.

We've just departed at 1pm so l'm doing this on the plane. I think we got the drop on the rest of the guys thus far. We're heading for the land of Volvo and Blonde babes, in case you aint got it yet …..I'm talking about Sweden. Oooooo Behave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lets back track a bit to last night. We played a show at the Ice Stadium here in Helsinki, there were just a little over 8000 crazy wonderful Finnish fans there. It was a little cold outside the gig but man it sure was burning inside. For this show and the next couple in Scandinavia we've taken away some of the stage set so that we can get better sight lines to the stage. The wonderful thing about this is that so many of our fans want to see us we've had to open up some more of the stage area to accommodate them. It hasn't taken anything away from the show at all, actually we all felt it was really cool being able to see a lot more of you all. Also the sound on stage was a lot better as well. We had a really great time on stage last night the vibe was really buzzing. Bruce was up to his old wonderful tricks again, you remember don't you he would always pull my cymbals away just as I was about to give them a doing. That was easy on my old Sonor kits because I had floor stands to hold the cymbals, but on the Premier's I've got a rack system which means that I don't have floor stands, all the cymbal mounts are locked on to the rack so they don't move at all. Well he's got a way around that he has, he creeps around my tubs and just as I'm about to give a particular cymbal a doing he catches it stopping the sound, it is most annoying but great fun. He got me twice last night the bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to today We're nearly to Stockholm and it's only 1pm local time. We're 15 mins away from the airfield, failing any air traffic delays we should be on the ground in about that time. According to my reckoning the other chaps haven't left Helsinki yet. Oh yeah the wager is a round of drinks at the hotel bar Paid for by said losing team. Mine's a pint thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we're nearly there now so I'm going to sign off.
God Bless you all.
Ta - Nicko.
Oh yeah Mine's a pint.

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