18 Oct 2006 - Nicko: Detroit

Hotel room in Chicago.
Time: 1 30pm
18th October 2006.

Well, well, well here we are in Chicago. After playing a storming show in Detroit last night my body this morning is complaining a wee bit I can tell you!!!

We left Toronto at around 4 pm and arrived into Detroit at a little after 5:30pm. We made our way straight to the venue which was a little over 30 minutes form the airfield. At the venue we all had a spot of the old nose bag and settled down for a wee rest in the band lounge. Bullet went on, on time, and the buzz started as we were nearing our stage time. I went up and checked me tubs and then went to get changed for the show. After I was ready I went to my practice room with my small kit in it. I usually warm up for 10-15 minutes before the show.
I have a small Premier club kit in there. It has a 20 x 10” bass drum 10” tom 13” floor and a 13 “ snare drum with a couple of Paiste’ on top. I have a routine that I stick with just to limber up. I find that this helps with the old joints!!!!

After that it was nearly stage time.
We always get excited before the show and we were all fired up roaring to go. When we hit the stage all was on top form the sound was great for everyone and the AIR was turned off in the venue. It was fantastic, makes all the difference in the world I can tell you!!

We got through the first 3 tunes and then it was time for the Pilgrim. Well, I started it off and with the first down beat on the bass drum I split the ‘Kin head. Of all places for it to go. Oh well, I managed to save it and make it through too the end of the song but it needed changed. As we finished the tune I rushed up to Steve so as to let him know not to start the ‘Longest Day’ which is the next tune on the set list. He was surprised to see me standing next to him at the front of the stage. “Me bass drum head’s a goner”, I said. “We’ll have to wait so Charlie can change it.” With that we had a 6 minute delay in which time Bruce asked the audience how many folks had bought the album a ‘Kin great roar went up and it made the hair stand up on the back of me neck I can tell you. Thank you Detroit for supporting this album as well as ALL you crazy fans out there that have bought it. Thank You again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after our little interlude it was back to business. We got straight into Longest Day and went on without any further problems. We had a great gig, most probably the best yet. For me definitely my best night so far. We all had a wonderful time.
Great audience and a great show was delivered.

After we had finished we did a runner back to the airport to board the Eddie express over to Chicago.

We arrived after an hour flight and were at the hotel by 12 :30pm. I was done in so I opted to stay at the hotel and have an early night only problem was I could not get to sleep. Oh well life on the ‘Kin road.

I was up and out with, Gaddzy and Ian Daisy roots for breakfast at 10pm and we strolled across the road to the House of Pancakes and had a great breakfast. Always a hoot with Laurel and Hardy I can tell you.

Well, I’m off now to visit a ‘Vintage’ drum shop her in Chicago.
Talk at ya later

God bless you all

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