30 Nov 2006 - Nicko: Barcelona II

On board flight from Barcelona to London.
Time: 1:25 local
November 30, 2006

Well, well, well, what can I say? Barcelona, YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!
No offence to all of our wonderful fans through out the globe, but I have to admit this evening was the ‘Kin bollox I can tell you!!!!!!!!

We hit the stage at 9:50pm and we ‘Kin rocked from the off. All the audience seemed as one for every song that we played and ‘Kin loud too. I have not experienced what I did this night since maybe Quebec. Awesome night. We had a great time on stage and this show was Maiden at our finest.

All the tempos and grooves were right where they were supposed to be and everyone played two hundred percent. The vibe was immense.
I will not forget this show for a very long time. Thank you Barcelona for what for me was the best show on the whole of the tour so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you guys will not be reading this until at least Friday sometime, as I do not have an internet service where I am living at the moment. I will not be able to post until then. I hope you guys are all well after a great night in Barcelona.

I am overwhelmed at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to our show in Milano.

Stay safe and well
God bless you all


Oh yes, our dinner last night was amazing!!!!
Thank you to all our chums at Moncho’s for a great time.

Well, we always seem to play great with a hangover!!!!!!! TEEHEE.

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