04 Oct 2006 - Rod: Hartford

l am writing this at about 2.30pm EST (7.30 GMT) in the hotel room - l will tell you all about tonight's first show in the morning and get it to Admin to post on the site hopefully with some pics l will take tonight.

Our crew got here a few days ago to set up all the production, sound, lights etc at the New England Dodge - funny name for a venue!! The band arrived a couple of days ago and had a full run through of the set yesterday. Everything went fine in general - just the usual early problems you get putting this sort of show together but nothing our Killer Krew couldnt handle. Bruce and l went out for a few beers at a local Irish pub in the evening and ran into Bullet for my Valentine who are supporting us on all the dates except LA. They certainly know how to have fun and are starting to do really well over here

Got up early today of course - first day lag with time difference from UK - and its been a bloody frustrating day so far. One thing l really need on tour is reliable internet access, email etc and for the camera interface to work well. So far, despite checking out laptop before l left the UK, its been a real pain so l am well behind on what l wanted to get done, including getting down to the gym and some lunch. Hope it all settles down after this - if it doesnt you wont be reading this or seeing any pics!!

Anyway gonna plough on and try to get everything done to get down to the show around 6 to check everything out. its the first show of course so I will wander round the staging, talk to crew and tour managers and make sure everyone is happy and check out merch stand to make sure it has everything, the designs are right and its all there. Its our usual merchandisers Bravado and we have been with them for over 20 years so its unlikely there will be any problems. l always have them set up all merch boards in our office prior to the tour to make sure everything is good enough for you guys!! we spend a lot of time working on designs, type of product, different shirt backs etc to make sure its as good as we can get it so hope you like it. Any suggestions on this send via website or FC - l would value your opinions.

Even though its the first one it should be a cracking show tonight. Have to say l am really looking forward to it and hearing stuff live from the new album - which l personally think is as good or maybe better than anything we have done before. Everyone is excited and raring to go. Anyway enough for now....more later. l may also let you into the secret of the set list as no doubt it will be up on the web pretty quickly, probably even quicker than l can get it to you! Better check with the band first though!!!

- Rod

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