10 Oct 2006 - Rod: Quebec


Well l was right - what a gig. If any audience on the rest of the tour matches all our good friends in Quebec l will be surprised but delighted! Sold out a few days ago, the 10,500 capacity venue was rammed and rammed with the loudest Maiden fans on the planet. Everything worked today - on stage sound was good for the band, lights looked superb, band played really well, all production worked precisely - all ok as it should be after the three warm up shows (dont get me wrong, not that these warm up shows werent important, every show is, its just you have to start somewhere and iron out the gremlins a bit).

We arrived in Quebec from Philly at about 2am. l went to bed as work to do in the morning but all the band except H went out and had a good time at a local bar. l was up early and pretty well spent all day doing emails and the same the following day until going to the show at about 5. Its a very busy time for me with the album and tour doing so well - enjoy every minute of it though. Very exciting time.

The evening before the show Jan, Ian, Dick and Gaddsy went out for dinner and were walking to the restaurant when an unmarked police car pulled up having recognised Jan and being Maiden fans like most of this city l think. They got chatting and Ian asked them for a lift to the restaurant. They agreed but as they couldnt all fit in the the policeman called his policewoman wife to come and assist - which she did in a marked car!! Ian suggested they arrest Jan and cuff him and put him in the car. Just then a passing fan asked for Jan's autograph - Jan responded saying he was just being arrested, the fan just looked at him and said "well can you sign it before they handcuff you"!!! l will put pics up recording the Gers arrest. Anyway they got to the restaurant and apparently had a great meal after signing more autographs.

After the show last night we all ended up in the hotel with the Beavers - you may recall the "where beavers dare" T shirt l put up amongst the pics the other day. Basically the beavers are a Maiden loving club of about 50 great guys in their 20s who come to most of the Canadian shows and make a special T for the event - they print one each and some for me and the band, which l wear with pride. The shirt for this tour is brilliant as you will see when l get the pics - "these beavers dont run"!! They had all booked into the hotel and were all in the bar so we took a group shot with Dave, Steve, Jan and the beavers which they are sending me to post here. We all had a good laugh in the bar. Like most Maiden fans they were a great group of guys (and a gal!) and l spent most of the time chatting to them. They took pains not to be too enthusiastic and gave the band some space and l definitely respect that. Its cool spending time with fans but not if they get too much in your face and too pushy. They even bought me a beer or two - thanks fellas.

Anyway its diary and email time again after a good breakfast. We leave for Montreal about 3 - should be another great show tongiht. l believe its now sold out with about 13,500 more wonderful Quebecois - will they be as good as last night?? As that great man said "only time will tell"!!! See y'all later.

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