07 Jun 2005 - Nicko - In the air

On board jet flying from Stansted to Helsinki Finland.
Time: 1:15pm

Well, well, well,
How are we all today?
All’s well this end of the telescope thank you!!
As you will have gathered we’re off on our Scandinavian leg of this tour.

It’s a fine day today. Weathers a bit crappy but everyone is in high spirits. We are just about to the end of our European tour. Three more shows to go (Helsinki x2, Gothenburg Sweden) and then I’m off to me drum and family in Florida. I’m very excited about that I can tell you.

On board today we have Ian, ‘you can’t still be on about those PD’s’ Day, Rod ‘Yeah!!!! We’ve won the Olympic bid’ Smallwood, Bruce ‘It was a ‘Kin T34, big bugger' Dickinson, H ‘I don’t feel like it right now’ Smith, Dave ‘Maybe I’ll play golf on Friday’ Murray, Steve ‘I’ll have a jam one’ Harris (Long live Krispy Kreams), Steve ‘Mines a pint of Abbott’s’ Gadd and me good self

Well, down to the business of the last few days.
On Saturday the 2nd we boarded the jet and flew over to Leipzig Germany. We were playing the Full Force Festival. When we arrived we had a wee drive to the hotel. We were there in just under 45 minutes. I had a wee rest and then made me way to the show. When I arrived I checked me tubs as usual and then went and got ready for the show. We had a great night. Band was playing great and nothing went wrong on stage. The audience were fantastic. You guys have been giving us soooooo much. Thank you all from the bottom of me heart…

When I arrived back at the hotel I took a shower and watched Pink Floyd playing at the Live 8 show. What a night, and day, that that event had to have been. Great bill and some fantastic music with a most important message as well.

After a little while I popped down stairs and met with the guys in the bar. I had a nice bottle of Palmer, which I begrudgingly shared with Ian Day. We polished that off and then we opened a bottle of Las Cases. Very nice it was too, I can tell you.

After a nice chat and a few wets it was time for me bed. I was tucked up at 3am.

The next day we had a late checkout from the hotel. We boarded the vans at 5pm and made the journey to the airport. We were in the air by 6pm.
It was a short flight to where our next show was.
We were playing the Bospop festival in Weert Holland. After the short flight we had an hour drive from Liege airport to the site. We were due on stage at 10:15pm.

When I arrived in the dressing room I had a note from Stephan the drummer for Within Temptation. He and his misses just became a mum and dad.
Their baby’s name is Silvin. God bless you both and your new baby.

Well, what a night. All kinds of stuff went wrong I can tell you. The ‘Kin sub woofers were on the stage so consequently the whole ‘Kin stage became bottom end heavy. I had the worst on stage monitor sound thus far. It was very difficult to hear everything and at one time in Prowler I completely lost the plot. Well, we got away with what could have been a very nasty train wreck.
After a couple more tunes things settled down very nicely.
We all had sound problems but, hey these things happen sometimes. That’s what playing live is all about. You never quite know what you’re going to get on any given stage. Lovely. It keeps you on ya toes.

The rest of the show was fantastic, although the audience were a little quiet. I think it must have been a long day for them. Oh yes Y&T were on stage when I arrived at the site so I checked them out. Leonard Hayes was awesome. What a great drummer he is. Man after me own heart, Single bass pedal and a wicked right foot. They were really great.

After the show we drove the hour back to the airport. We flew back home and had a nice couple of days off in London.

On Monday I had to pack away stuff from my house in London as I may be getting a new tenant to rent it over the next couple of weeks. I didn’t want to leave so much to be done by someone else.
I had it sorted pretty much and went out for an early-ish dinner. Yes of course I went to Toff’s.
I had a wonderful piece of Dover sole with boiled spuds and mushies washed down with a nice cup of tea.

After dinner I went to the Dog and Duck for a pint with Geezer Gadd and our mate Patrick. I only had the one and then left to go back home.
I had an early night as I had a couple of meetings scheduled for Tuesday.

I was up and out for 11am and went on my way by tube train to Head office for a 12:30pm appointment. I met with Andy Matthews and Spencer Pollard and Mark from Sanctuary films. We discussed the possibility of a new drum DVD.
I’m very excited about that. After that meeting Andy and I headed back to Dean Street for a 2:30pm met at the Soho club. The meeting went great and towards the later part of the afternoon I ran into some very dear old chums. Tony Hadley popped in with his manger and I haven’t seen Tony in years so we had a lot to catch up on. Then me old pal Nigel Ross Scott arrived and that was a real treat to see him again. After much fun and laughter it was time for dinner.
Candice, Andy’s partner, arrived so the three of us popped over to the New Order Chinese restaurant in Soho. Wonderful and delicious as always.

I headed back to me drum at 9pm. I still had a few things to tidy up and was in bed for 11:30pm.

Well, today was a little emotional. As I left me house to come to the airport I was thinking that it could be the last time back there for a while.
You never know do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s time to go now.
Have a great day.
Stay safe and well
God bless you all.

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