02 Jul 2005 - Nicko - Leipzig

On board flight from Stansted to Leipzig Germany.
Time: 4:00pm.

Well, well, well,
All’s well here thank you.
Hope you’re all doing very well today?

It’s Saturday and we’re off to play a show in Germany.
I shall be giving a full report over the next few days.

On board we have Ian, I’ll have to get back to you’, Day, Steve, ‘It’s 90 minutes honest’, Gadd, Steve, ‘Es havin a laugh’ Harris, Jan, ‘I’m pissed off’, Gers’, H, ‘I went too Wimbledon yesterday’, Smith, Dave, ‘I took it easy’, Murray and me good self.

OK, on Tuesday we had the first of two shows in Oslo. We left from London at 2pm and were in Oslo for 5pm. We went to the show at 7:30pm when I arrived I popped up and checked me tubs and had a wee chat with the boys from ‘Mastadon’. Nice bunch of guys.

After their set it was time for us to hit the stage. Well, the place went crazy when we started. Absolutely brilliant I can tell you. There were a lot of younger fans at the first show and it was nice to see so many young fans into Iron Maiden. God bless you all.

We played a blinder that night and we all felt really good. After the show we met with, ‘Pele’, our EMI guy. He graciously took care of the bar bill that evening Bless ‘im. I went back to the hotel at a reasonable time and watched a spot of the old TV and then turned out me lights at around 3am.

The next day there was a football match scheduled for 11:30am kick-off. I didn’t get up in time to make the game but, Jan called me at 12pm and I arranged to meet him in the lobby and go down to the match with him. By the time we arrived it was just before 1pm. I saw the last two minutes of the game. The mighty Maiden was playing a very strong Norwegian team. It was comprised of ex international country players. A bit one sided I can tell you. Unfortunately we didn’t have any ex- or come to that, current professional players, to bolster our team. They played well enough but the score line was a bit harsh. 8-1 to the Norwegians.

After the wicked defeat we had a nice lunch that was supplied by Canal+ a local satellite TV channel. It was very nice. After that we popped up on the roof of the building and had a wee libation and took in the wonderful views over Oslo. Great lunch and game.
Steve understandably was a little pissed off but he soon got over that. When I got back into town I made my way to a local drum store. I had to buy Jake, Rod’s son, a practise pad. I had promised that I would get one for him the last time I was in Brighton.
I managed to find one at a shop a short walk from the hotel.
Oslo is a very pretty city. I enjoyed strolling around, very picturesque. After I picked up the pad I headed back to the hotel. I had a rest for about and hour and then it was time to leave for the second nights gig.

I left the hotel at 7pm and checked me tubs again and then went down to catering for a wee snack. I had a plate of veggies with some spuds and then went and had a play on my warm-up kit. I played for about 20 minutes and then it was time to change for the show.

We hit the stage at the same time as the day before and we were on fire again. The crowd went potty and we really had a great time on stage. Nothing went wrong and we all said that we enjoyed the two shows equally. After the gig we headed straight to the airport and boarded the jet. We left a little after 12am and were on the ground in London for just before 2am. I made me way home and was in me shower by 3. Went to me pit and had a great sleep.

Awoke at 11am and got ready to meet me old china, Cod. We were playing a round of golf at me club and had a tee off for 2pm. Cod met me in the car park a little before 2 and then we made our way out onto the course. We had a great round. After the round we hit the bar for a pint before I gave him a lift back to his neck of the woods. Before getting to his place we stopped off for a wee libation at one of his local watering holes. Can’t remember the name of the rubber dub but man they sure had a great pint of Abbots. Lovely. I headed home via Toff’s. Had, as always a great meal.

On the Friday I met with me old china Nigel Sims from Premier drums. He came down from Leicester to see me. We went out for dinner and yes you guessed it. TOFF’S. He said that he had never tasted such a wonderful piece of fish and chips the best ever.
We had a wonderful evening. Nigel met me at me drum and I opened a very nice bottle of Ducru red wine. After we had polished that off we headed out to the restaurant. We sat and ate and talked up until midnight. Then it was time to say farewell to Costa’s and Andy I dropped Nigel at his hotel and then made my way home.
What a great evening we had, talking drums and stuff and enjoying each other’s company.

Well that will do it for now.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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