24 Jun 2005 - Nicko - At home

At home in London
Time: 5:45pm

Well, well, well,
It’s just started to rain and all is well here. Watching a spot of the old tennis.

Well, lets see!
We played a gig in Athens a couple of days ago.
‘Kin great it was I can tell you. We took to the stage at 9:30pm and we played really well.
There must have been around 15,000 bellies all waiting for the mighty Maiden to hit the stage. We all had a blast that night. No mistakes just a good rocking time. The crowd were fantastic as always in Greece. Very loud and passionate!!!!!!

Before the show I met with me old pals John Gigis and Niccos. They took great care of me when I was over in Greece last year. John runs the Alexander the Great fan club. Niccos is a singer and a mighty fine one at that. We had a chat and a soda and then it was time to get ready.

The night of our arrival into Greece we had a dinner engagement with our record label EMI. It was a mighty fine evening, lots of lovely wine, great food and conversation. Margarita and George her husband was on our table as was Harry, Ian, Gaddy, Leo, and Frank. We had an absolute blast. We got back to the hotel at around 1am and went and had a night-cap at the roof bar, I was tucked up in bed for 2:30am.

The next day I met with Ian for a late lunch.
We had a nice time sitting at the roof bar outside over looking the Acropolis. I had a nice bit of Calamari with boiled spuds washed down with a bottle of water. We headed out for the gig at 6:30pm.

It was a 50-minute drive to the site.
After the gig we did a runner back to the airport and were airborne by 11:30pm. It was a three-hour flight back home and I walked through my front door at 2am.
I had a very nice time on this trip. Thank you to all our fans in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday I had a meeting with Andy Matthews. He’s me old china that edited my Rhythms of the beast video. I had a wee bit too much to drink that evening I can tell you, so consequently I had a fairly stiff hangover yesterday. I stayed in bed most of the morning and watched TV for the rest of the day. In the evening I went up to Toffs for a spot of dinner. Very nice it was too.
After dinner I went to the movies. I saw Batman Begins - not bad. It had some good visuals and I thought the story was cool as well. Got back home for 11pm and watched highlights from Wimbledon.
Was in bed for 1am, had a read and then hit the lights.

Today I had stuff to do around the house. Had a bunch of calls to make and now I’m waiting for my son Nick and his fiancée Charlotte to arrive. They’re coming to Paris with me tomorrow. My sister Ann and Geoffrey are also coming with me.
Should be a great weekend.

Well, I’m off now.
Have a great weekend yourselves and stay safe and well
God bless you!!!

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