16 Jun 2005 - Nicko has one of those nights

On board flight from Stansted to Lisbon
Time: 2:30pm.

Well, well, well,
How’s it hanging?
Mine’s OK today, thank you very much.

Well, let’s see. I have had a nice few days off and a great couple of gigs over the last weekend.

On Saturday last week we headed out to Bologna in Italy. We flew out of Stansted at 2pm and were at the hotel around 5pm. I had a rest and went down to the show at about 6:30 to watch Slayer. I meet me pals from Anthenora, they’re me Italian band that I use, when I do my drum shows there. They all showed up with their friends. We met up after the show and had a few libations and legs under the table at a very nice Irish pub.
The gig went great, we played a good one and we were all very pleased with the night. The entire band with the exception of Dave met at the Irish pub. All had a good night.

The next day we flew to Zurich, Switzerland. I always love to go to Switzerland. My cymbals are made there and it is a most beautiful place on earth. I went to the show early as I wanted to see ‘Within Temptation’ and me old mates ‘Dream Theater’.

Within were very good. First time I’ve seen them.
They finished and then Dream took the stage.
Brilliant as always. Mike P was fantastic as were all the guys.
Well, it was our turn to hit the stage. We were due on at 8:45pm. We all got in the van and had to drive through a wee village to get to the stage. Yes boys and girls, I did say village. The stage was a ‘kin heck of a long way from dressing rooms. It was a most weird set up. We got under way and had to drive around a small village. It took about five minutes to arrive back stage. When we got there we went straight on stage and jammed.
Well, it was one of THOSE ‘Kin nights I can tell you. On me snare drum I have a bungee chord that keeps the drum down on the riser so as to stop it sliding about. It has to be positioned just right of the leg of the snare drum stand. Well, Charlie had secured it on the opposite side and as I struck the drum it started to bounce out of position. ‘Kin marvellous.
So Charlie sorted that out and then it was on to ‘Where Eagles Dare’. Well, when I stood up on the intro tape, I must have inadvertently kicked my bass drum pedal, and in doing so I dislodged the chain from the sprocket that drives the beater onto the drum. Well, you can guess what happened next can’t you
Yes, I sat down to kick off the tune, (I start the tune off with a big drum intro) and WOW no bass drum. Of all the tunes for that to have happened, it had to be that one.
Very embarrassing I can tell you. Charlie sorted it out by re-applying the chain to its drive and then I was off and running.

After about two more tunes would you believe the ‘Kin stage lights went out.
Apparently, the generator had blown up so we were left in the dark, well almost. It was still a wee bit light as it was not quite dark as yet.
We played on with just a couple of spotlights that were still running. They sorted the genny out but when they turned it back on the power blew up the out front desk. I wonder who’s fault that was then?
So PK the LD had to run the show from the side of the stage. All in all a very entertaining evening.

Despite all that had happened it was a great gig.
We played to 22,000 billies and they all had a great time as well as we did.
After the show I stayed behind and had a wee glass of wine with me dear friend Ted Voellmy. Danny Zimmerman was also there with a couple of his mates. We had a drink with Stephan the drummer from 'Within' while Ted and I reminisced over our Paiste stories. Great company, great wine, and a great way to end a fine day.

I got back to the hotel and went for a nightcap at the hotel bar.I left for me bed and was tucked up by 2am. The next day we checked out at 10am and were back in blighty by 11:30.
I went straight home and later in the afternoon got ready to meet with Charlotte and a few people that work with her. We meet at the ‘Dog and Duck’ rubber dup in Frith Street for 7pm. We were going to the Metal Hammer awards.

At the awards I met with me old mate Glenn Hughes and Toni Iommi. Nice to see them again. Also met with Chad from the Peppers. He’s a great guy always having a laugh. After the show Charlotte took all the gang to the New Order Chinese restaurant in Soho. Had a great meal and I had a chance to talk with Steve from her IT company about the drum kits that I’m having built. They will have artwork from many celebrities on each drum shell and I hope to auction these off with authentic signatures on the shells as well.
We worked out some fine details for this project.
A great evening.

On Tuesday I had a day of rest. In the evening I went to Toff’s and had a nice piece of grilled Dover Sole with boiled spuds and mushy peas washed down with a lovely cup of tea, yes I did say TEA!!!!!

After dinner I went home and had an early night.

Wednesday was Sanctuary golf day.
We played at the Grove in Watford, most splendid course I can tell you. I was playing with Barry Drinkwater, Dave Murray and Rod Smallwood. We didn’t do too badly but I feel that I let them down by not playing to me 14 handicap. After the game we had a presentation for the awards and then I headed home. I decided that I would take in a movie so went to see Mr and Mrs Smith.
What a load of old ‘Kin drivel I can tell you.
I didn’t care for the film very much at all.
Well, after the movie I headed home and went to me pit by 1am. I read a little and then went to sleep.

Well, I’m done now.
I’m off for a wee snooze as there is a little time left to the flight.
Bye bye then…

God Bless you all.
Keep safe and well.

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