06 Jun 2005 - Nicko's Naked in Nurnburg!

On board jet from Nurnburg to London - 1130am.
Well, well, well,
What’s up boys and girls?
Hope you’re all doing fine today,
I’m OK thank you. Just a little bit of a hangover from me party yesterday, but feeling more tired as I didn’t sleep very much last night.

Well, we have been over in Germany these last couple of days. We played the Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park over the weekend and ‘kin great it was as well.

On Saturday the 4th of June we boarded our plane to fly over to Cologne for the first of 2 shows.
We left London at 3pm and we arrived a little over one hour later. The drive to the site where the festival was being held took about 90 minutes.

After checking in I hit the sack for a wee siesta. We were due on stage at 10pm so I had a plenty of time to relax. I went over to the gig at 8:30 and boy was it cold outside. The temperature must have been at least five maybe six degrees centigrade with the wind chill. ‘Kin freezing it was. I have to say that the show that evening was the hardest gig to play in my entire career!!! I had a very hard job holding on to my sticks, my hands were so cold. Despite that though the gig was great.

I made a complete balls up of Prowler again. I’ll have to have words with the band about that AAAHHEEEE!!!!! But having said that we had a great show. The billies were fantastic I can tell you. 80,000 plus. Although the weather was bad it didn’t break the spirit of the event or the people. I was very happy with the way we played despite the cold. We all felt that it was difficult too perform in that kind of weather.

After the show I had a couple of glasses of lovely Ducru red wine. I shared a fine bottle with Ian and Doug Hall. We all felt the cold and were happy to be in the warm again. I really could not believe that the weather would be so cold for the first week of June.

I got back to the hotel at around 2 in the morning and went to meet the guys in the bar. We had a chat and then I slid off too me room.

The next day we had a short flight over to Nurnburg. It took a little over 30 minutes in the air. I had a rest and then made me way over to the gig for 6:30pm. I had a new bass drum and floor tom that had just arrived from London so I needed to check out the tubs before the show.
Stage time was set at 9:10. I had lots of time on my hands after checking everything out.

I went to catering and had a bowl of soup and ran into me old pal Mark Richardson from Feeder.
I didn’t realize that they were on the bill. It was great to see him, he’s such a great guy and a brilliant drummer.

The two festivals that we played are really wild. There are three or more stages at each of the events and there is always a live band playing at sometime or another. There are also so many different artists on the bill. Massive event and one of the best run anywhere.

We hit the stage at 9pm. It was an extra special day as it was my birthday. I tried to keep it low key as I knew something or the other would happen to me at sometime or another on stage, like a pieing or similar. Well, the gig went great, we played the best yet and I also got Prowler right and jolly good it was too. Towards the end of the main set Bruce told the audience that it was my birthday and in fine tradition I had 40,000 plus fans singing Happy Birthday to me. Brought a tear to me eye I can tell you. Thank you to all for making it such a memorable evening and a great birthday.

At the end of the show I came down front as usual and all of a sudden my belt was whipped away from me waist. Bruce had somehow managed to undo it and remove it in super quick time. So I got away from him and then Harry cornered me at the side of the stage. Bruce then pulled me skivvies down exposing me broach and earrings for all to see. I couldn’t believe it! I was standing there with me skivvies around me ankles with all me bits exposed in front of TV cameras and photographers and all the ‘Kin audience. I had to cover up me vanity I can tell you, well, it was a wee bit chilly out on front of stage.

After the show I stayed behind and had a chat and a glass of wine with me pal Danny 'no it’s a full crash' Zimmerman from Paiste cymbals and his mate Milan from Sonor drums. We talked for a while and then I said my farewells and then had Peter 'I’ll bite your head' Lokrantz give me a massage.
He worked on me back for about 30 minutes and then I showered, changed and headed back too the hotel.

When I arrived I hit the bar. All the guys except Davey were waiting for me along with Matteo and his wife, Amanda and Danny from EMI, ‘He’s a Geezer’ Gadd and Ian. We celebrated until the wee hours. I hit me sack at 6pm with a very good night under me belt.

We left the hotel in Nurnburg at 10pm and made our way to the airport. The guys where flying to Reykjavik in Iceland via Biggin Hill to drop off Bruce, Rod and myself. We arrived at 2pm and Rod and I headed down to Brighton.

Well, that’s it for now.
I’m actually writing this part of me diary on the plane back from Iceland. It’s time for a wee break. Lots to tell you about from the last two days.
But that’s another story.

Stay safe and well
God Bless you all.

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