26 Dec 2003 - Nicko's belated xmas diary

At home in Florida.
Time: 6:30pm.

Well, well, well,
Did you all have a splendid Christmas?
I did. I spent Christmas day cooking the turkey and making everyone comfortable.
Father Christmas was very good to me this year!

Well, I suppose that I should tell you all what I’ve been up to before coming home to Florida.
We played Metz on Friday last week and boy it was a ‘Kin great show, only downer was that I had a relapse and had to see a doctor at the gig. I, it seems, have now got the ‘Kin flu from Pluto or something like that! It’s knocked me for six I can tell you. Well best get it out of the way before Christmas.
We hit the stage and blitzed through the set. The crowd were amazing. Thank you Metz.

After the gig we headed back to blighty. We had Saturday off and I spent the day dosing meself up with antibiotics and such and spent the whole day in bed. Peter was looking after me again and so I had him pop off to Toff’s for a take away fish supper. I can tell you if we had had a show that evening I would not have been able to do it.

The next day we were playing in Helsinki. We were late leaving Stansted and consequently we were late for all the interviews. Oh well such is ‘Kin life AAAHHHEEEE!!!!!
We hit the stage a wee bit early and had a great time on stage. We finished the gig and all of us thought that the crowd were magic. The place was sold-out and it was jumping. We played very well that evening and we were very happy with ourselves I can tell you!

After the gig we did a runner to get back home before the snow kept us from leaving. It was 7 degrees below and a ‘Kin blizzard was happening. We managed to get airborne just after 11pm.
With the time change we got back to blighty at a little after 11:30pm. I made me way back to my London home and picked up me luggage and then made me way over to the Meridian Hotel at Heathrow. Nicholas was already there waiting for me. We had a 11:30am flight back to Florida the next day.

We got up and made our way downstairs to check out. We were met by the car from Virgin and whisked away to the drive-through check in. We left our luggage and picked up our boarding passes. Nick was given an upgrade to business and a big THANK YOU to Virgin for that.
We arrived into Miami on time and we were met at the arrivals hall by me mate Bill. He walked us through Immigration and then stayed with us through customs. Thanks Bill you’re a hero mate.

Well, Christmas was a hoot and all the family had a great time. My farther in law Doug and his wife, Iva came to spend the holidays with us. A great time was had over this very special time of year.

Well I’m off know
See you all soon I hope.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.
Happy New Year.

OK I know it’s a bit late but hey it’s still heart felt!!!!


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