15 Dec 2003 - Nicko's Diary

Time: 12:15pm.
Well, well, well,

Well, here we are on board the old jet flying off to France. It’s the 18th today and we’re playing in Metz this evening.
I must apologize for the delay in getting this diary to you. I haven’t been very well over this last week.

Well since me last entry I have, although not feeling well, had a most splendid time.
The show in Glasgow was fantastic. I did however get very sick just before the encore. The next day I was feeling the bug big time. I arrived into Manchester and had a doctor on call waiting for me at the hotel. On the train journey from Scotland, me pal Patrick was on the same train and he looked after me for the journey. I was in a bit of a pickle I can tell you. Thank you, Pat.

Well, after seeing the doc, I had a wee snooze and then got ready for the show. I wasn’t feeling like I could do it but, hey, the show must go on.
I made some very silly errors and a doozy of a mistake in Wildest dreams, the guys did really well and got me back on track.
My apologies to all our fans that were there that evening for me less than 100% performance.

After the show, geezer Gadd drove me home. I was in me pit for a little after 2:30am. Peter Lokrantz came back to mine and looked after me for the couple of days off. Thank the Lord for those two days. I stayed in me bed and Pete took great care of me.

The next show was in London at Earls Court. I was still feeling like death warmed up and was not sure whether I could actually do the show. I arrived at 7pm and went straight to the band lounge for a rest. A little before 8pm me mate, Rolf Harris, turned up with his Grandson, Marlon, and a couple of Rolf's mates, the Bear and his son Aaron and Richard. We had a chat and Rolf had his wobble board with him and he played his version of Stairway to Heaven for me and Davey. It was amazing. The Bear had his Didgeridoo with him and he blew a few notes at me chest to help heal me. It was the Holy Spirit working through this instrument I can tell you.

So it was show time and we hit the stage at 8:50pm. I got through the show but at a cost. I was absolutely shagged out after and I couldn’t face meeting all me friends and family at the after show party. I took a wee while to calm down and then got dressed and made a swift exit. My apologies to all who were there after the show, that I didn’t get to say hello to.

On the way home I had to stop for a bit to eat. Nicholas, my son, Peter, Phil Hilborne and Emma stopped off at a restaurant in Hampstead called, Calamity Jane’s. It was OK. Nothing spectacular but it filled a hole. I had a spaghetti bolognese and spuds. We got home at 2pm and I went straight to me bed.

The next show was in Rotterdam the following evening. We made our way to the gig and It was not the best evening that we have had on tour, There were a couple of ‘Kin idiots in the audience that were throwing water and beer over the fans, us, and the sound mixer. It was not a very nice thing too do. The sound desk went down for the encore; consequently the drums and bass disappeared from the PA. ‘Kin FOOLS.
We played the show and then did a runner back to Blighty.

Well here we are getting ready for the descent into Nancy.
I’m off now so until later folks.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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