08 Dec 2003 - Brummie Train Chaos

In hotel room

Time: 1:30pm.

Well, well, well,
How’s it going today? I’m doing fine thank you.
I have had a great couple of days.

The Sheffield gig was fantastic. We played very well and all of us enjoyed the show. I had a spot of grief with me back halfway through The Trooper. I pulled a wee muscle in me back. Fortunately there was a little time before the next song so I sent me tech, Rusty, out to locate Peter Lockrantz. He’s usually in the pit at show time, so I popped out from behind me tubs to see if I could see him. I went over to Harry and asked if he’d seen him but he hadn’t. Just as I got back behind me kit Pete was there. He worked hard and well on the area that was hurting me and it helped immensely. It was a lot better after he had finished.

No real problems or bad mistakes tonight, although I might add that some geezer on the bulletin board seems to think that I played out of time on a few tunes. ’Kin cheek. What is he thinking?
Well we had a blast I can tell you.

After the show I stayed behind and had a shower. Harry stayed and so did Davey. We were booked into a hotel for the night. Andy and Mary-Anna had a blast too. After me shower we made our way back to the hotel. Rod was up with a bunch of old school chums that he hadn’t seen in an age and also Harry had some old school chums there as well.

We all hit the bar when we got back to the hotel. It was a very nice evening. Not too crazy. I had a smattering of a hangover though.
I got up at 11am and checked out of the hotel for 11-30pm. I was due at a signing in a music shop called PMT in Birmingham for 2pm.

I got to the station a little before noon and purchased me ticket. I made me way to the TV monitor and checked for the platform number. Well, I got the wrong ‘Kin train didn’t I? What a plonker.

I ended up going the wrong way. I had to get off at the next station and get the train back the opposite way, the right way. The guard on the train was great, after he asked to see me ticket I handed it to him and he just started to chuckle. I was about to give him a few bob for the upgrade when he turned to me and told me “Ya goin the wrong way mate”. “No! Are you sure”, I said. “Yes, he said “This is the train FROM Birmingham not TO Birmingham”. “Kin marvellous” I said, “I guess I’m going to be late then”. We had a laugh and he wrote out an excuse ticket and didn’t charge me for my mistake. I ended up in Birmingham for 3pm. Steve me pal from Jag met me, as did Keith me mate from Marshall amps, he set the session up for me. We drove over to the store and I went straight into the store and met the fans waiting for me. My apologies to you all for me tardiness. I signed for about an hour and then said my farewells to Craig, Jason, and their assistants, whose names escape me, sorry guys. They were all so kind to me. Thank you to all that came out and waited for me.

After it was over Steve and I hit a local rubber dub on the way to the airport. I had a flight scheduled for 7:55pm to Glasgow.
We had a couple of libations and then Steve dropped me off at the terminal.

The flight was on time and when I arrived at Glasgow, Peter was there to meet me. We drove into town and made our way to a Chinese restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. It was not the best food that I’ve ever had but it filled a hole. We were back at the hotel for 11pm.

Well, I didn’t have the best nights sleep but I had a wee lie in this morning.
I have to go now. I just got a call from Pete DeVroome and Andy Taylor, their here at the hotel for band meets and it’s my turn.
Take care.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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