06 Dec 2003 - The train takes the strain .. again!

On board train from St Pancras to Sheffield.

Time: 3:40pm.

Well, well, well,
Its just too much fun I can tell you. After all these years of being on the road we’re having such a great time. All thanks to you all.
If it weren’t for you our true fans it wouldn’t be the same.
Thank you all so much

Right, as you will have gathered I’m on the train going up for our show in Sheffield this evening. My good pal Andy Matthews is going to be there this evening and he’s staying the night so I should imagine that they’re maybe a wee hangover somewhere in the morning. What do you think?

We played in Nottingham on Thursday evening, and boy it was a stunning night. There were a couple of mistakes but nothing to bad. We had a really good time. Harry had a few of his daughters [Kerry] friends from school turn up and there must have been at least 30 or more guests with them. I missed seeing them before we hit the stage but I think they had a great time.
Me pal Steve and Jan turned up and as always great to see them too.

I was doing a runner straight back to me drum so I didn’t have a chance to see everyone after the show.
The gig was blinding yet again and we had a fantastic show.
Thank You Nottingham.

I got home a little after 12:30pm. Peter was at the wheel. He’s back out with us for the duration of the tour.
I’m happy that he decided to stay at mine.

Yesterday we got up and had a cup of rossie and planned the rest of the day. Gaddzy popped round a little after midday and picked Pete up and they made their way to the office. They were back at mine just after 3pm. Geezer popped off to his sisters. Pete, and I went over to meet with Melodie, and Andy, at their home. I had to drop off some tickets and passes for the Earls Court show. We were there for 5pm and left a little after 7pm.

We had the pleasure of meeting their Grandson and Granddaughter, Billy, and Georgina. Their mum, Katie, arrived just before we were leaving and she was very nice. We took a wee libation together, and after some lovely conversation it was time for us to leave
We drove back to Muswell Hill and met Geezer in the John Baird. We had a wee libation in the rubber-dub and then made our way to --------------------------------------------------------------
Of course where else would I go?
TOFF’S!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!!

We had the best time I can tell you! I had me usual, and Gaddzy, and Pete had the Grilled Lemon sole.
Before we arrived at the restaurant I popped into the grocery shop over the road. I picked up two tins of Heinz baked beans. Lovely jubbly.

The boys at the restaurant cooked ‘em up, and we devoured them with two plates of chips and two bottles of Pinot Grigio white wine. Even more lovely.

We had a smashing time boys and girls.

Well I’m nearly at Sheffield so I’m going to have a wee relax, and then I shall be ready for tonight.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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