27 Nov 2003 - More Battery Trouble for Nicko

Thursday. In hotel room Leipzig.
Time: 4:03pm.

Well, well, well,
I’m sitting in me room writing to you this afternoon. We played in Hamburg last night and boy was it a ‘Kin great show. It wasn’t a sold out gig but the fans that were there made a huge noise. They sang all the tunes and made it a very special night. Thank you Hamburg.

Well I best start where I left off. That is I didn’t tell you about me day off on Tuesday. I woke up a little later than I had planned. It was a little after 2 in the afternoon. I ran the hoover over the living room floor and made a cup of tea and then I sat down and made a few phone calls. I called me old mate Martin Conelly. He was going to pop over and try to start me jam jar for us. He arrived at 5pm and we had a chat and a cup of rosie and then we went out and jumped me car. Well, would you believe it, some wee ‘Kin little s-—t had tried to nick me car; they had broken the steering lock and busted the trim around the steering column. To top it off they nicked me cell phone and a bunch of Sanctuary golf balls [of all the nerve] and a few other trivial things that only meant anything to me. OH WELL. What can ya do.

So we left me car running for a little while and then we decided to go for dinner. Yes of course you’re right. I hate a wish guy or girl!!!!!
Toff’s Fish Restaurant. Brilliant. I ought to have shares in the 'Kin company I’m there enough AAAAHHHHHEEE!!!!!
I had the usual and, Mart, had a nice piece of Haddock with the old mushy peas and pickled onions washed down with a nice cup of rossie.

After dinner we popped to the John Baird and had a wee libation. Now bearing in mind I’m on the ‘Kin wagon boys and girls. Well I had to have a beer with me mate; I haven’t seen him in an age see!
So Mart had a half of Guinness and I had a pint of Directors. After that we went top see the movie Love Actually. Fantastic GOOD TIME film. We both had a right hoot at the funny stuff and both thought that it was very well written and filmed. Thoroughly recommend that EVERYONE go to see it.

After the film we went to see if me jam-jar would start, and would you believe it, it didn’t. Well, we were both at a loss. So I hailed a cab we went back to mine, picked Mart’s car up and drove back to the cinema car park. Well, you can imagine the surprise on our faces when I popped the bonnet and found that I had disconnected the ‘Kin battery cable. I felt such a pranny I can tell you. So I turned it around on Mart and said to him that I didn’t remember tacking it off and he didn’t either. What a couple of plonkers.
So Johnny fired up straight off, loads of juice in him there was.

We drove back to mine and we had a cup of rosie, and said our goodnights to one another. I settled in to watch the old snooker on the TV and then went to me bed for a read. I’m nearly done with me book The Forty Days of Purpose. Great read and a wonderful inspiration, dealing with the purpose that God has planned for us individually. Thoroughly recommended read.

Got up yesterday and made me way to the airport. The car battery was fully working so I drove meself in. We were airborne at 1:20pm and on board with us we had, Jeff - our old mate that did Eddie on the Brave New World Tour. Ashley, our usual chap, had to pop back to blighty so we were Eddie-less for the shows. It was great to see him again. On the way he helped me sort a few of the problems out on me old computer.
He did a good job last night at the show. He was a wee bit wobbly but he sorted it out very well. Well-done Jeff

Well as I have a show to do in about,4 hours, I’m going to have a wee siesta. Speak later!

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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