21 Nov 2003 - Nicko - London

At home in London.
Time: 6:10pm.

Well, well, well,
I’m not so bad today thank you. How about yourselves? Yesterday was a hoot. We played in Leuven Belgium last night and what a gig it was too. ‘Kin magic’.

We took off from Stansted at a little after 3 pm. Bruce’s wife Paddy was on board with us. We sent our Wally over by regular air so that he would be at the show a wee bit earlier so as to sort out the guest list. She was in fine form as usual and it’s always wonderful to see her. It was nice to have a lady on board for a change. Lovely.
So after we arrived, Bruce, Paddy, Ian and meself, headed straight to the gig. The rest of the guys went to a hotel as they were staying in Brussels for the night. When I arrived I had a nice dinner with me drum tech, Pete [Rusty] and then I relaxed for a wee while before watching FFaF. They had a good show and then I went to get changed. The show was a blast. There were a few hiccups through the evening but nothing too bad. Paschendale went a wee bit weird during the middle section but it still rocked.

After the show Bruce, Paddy, Ian, Davey and meself did a runner. We got changed in the car and when we arrived at the airport we went straight through security and on to the plane. Bruce unfortunately had left his shirt in the dressing room and so had just his jacket on. We had a couple of glasses of wine on the plane and we landed at 11:20pm local. I was at me house just after 12:30am. Lovely.

Well, I just got back from the hairdressers. I had a wee hair cut, emphasis on the WEE, and am waiting for my very dear friend, Andy Matthews, to arrive from Leeds. He’s the guy that edited my Rhythms of the Beast video. I haven’t seen him in an age.
He should be here by about 8-8:30pm. I shall take him out to, yes you know where don’t you boys and girls... TOFF’S.

I shall have a nice piece of grilled fish tonight I think!!! After dinner we shall have a couple of beers and head back to mine. He will be staying with his girl friend tonight as they’re going to see 'We will Rock You' tomorrow evening. I shall have to make up a bed for them. I have very little left in the house since I prepared it for letting. Oh well, I’m sure that I can make them comfortable.

We’re playing in Paris tomorrow and I will be flying there with Bruce on a charter flight. He will be in the front right seat and I shall be in the back entertaining some record company folks and press and contest winners. I shall let you know how it went.

Well, I’m off now.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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