20 Nov 2003 - Nicko - Germany

On board jet flying from Stansted to Belgium.
Time: 3:20pm.

Well, well, well,
How are you all today?
I’m doing OK today thank you.
I had a most restful day off yesterday. I woke up at a little before 10am and got up for a jack-dash and then hit the hay again until 3pm. I was very tired from the past couple of days on the road. More about that in a moment.

Well, you’ve probably guessed what I did last night haven’t you boys and girls. Yes, I went out to Toff’s for me supper. I watched a bit of TV in the afternoon and then went up to the restaurant at about 7 in the evening. I had made arrangements to go to the movies to see Matrix Revolution. I bought the ticket on line, cool. I like that, no queues.
I had a crab cocktail to start followed with cod and chips with mushy peas and pickled onions. Washed down with a nice vintage bottle of Agua. Lovely Jubbly.
I had a great meal and then popped over to the cinema for the 8:30pm movie. I thought it was pretty cool. You know he gets it in the end don’t you!!!!!!

After the film I went home and made a call home to the family. I had a nice chat with Rebecca and Justin and then got ready for me bed. I watched a movie and then turned the light off at around 3am.
I had a nice sleep and feel ready for the next day’s offerings.

Well, we’ve played a couple of shows over the last week or so. We played Hanover on Monday and then Berlin on Tuesday.
Hanover was a great show. We could only put half the show in the venue, as the ceiling was quite low. We couldn’t use big Ed at the back either. Well the show still went really well. We are playing so well at the moment. The set is truly awesome. Paschendale is getting better and better the more times we play it.
I love this band, I thank and praise the lord for giving me the talent and opportunity to have this job. You guys and girls make it so fantastic as well. Thank you all!!!!!

Just before we were to go on stage, Rudy Schencker, and Klaus from The Scorpions popped in to see us. They stayed for the show and afterwards I met Rudy, with his son Marcel, and some of his friends back at the bar in the hotel. Rudy is about to become a Grandfather. I bet that by now he is. Marcel’s wife was going into labour that night. He was expecting the call at any time that evening.

Well, H and Jan joined us and we stayed in the bar until the very wee hours of the morning. I was up with Matteo, you know him don’t you boys and girls? And a mate of his called Gens. We polished off a couple of bottles of wine and then I hit me room for a wee nap. The next day we flew to Berlin. The flight was only 40 minutes and we went straight to the gig. I had to see the doctor at the show as I was feeling like I had the flu. He gave me a B12 shot and some antibiotics. Well, it didn’t have anything to do with the night before honest.

So we hit the stage at 9:10pm and had a blast. The show was great and afterwards we did a runner back to blighty.
I was home by 2am and had a shower and hit the sack. A great couple of days. Thank you Matteo Ringling for being such a good friend and colleague.

Well, we’ve just landed so I better sign off now.

Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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