17 Nov 2003 - Nicko - Fun in Sweden

At home in London.
Time: 9:40pm.

Well, well, well,
Sorry for the delay with the old diaries boys and girls.
Firstly I couldn’t get on-line from Copenhagen and then in Stockholm I was having a ‘Kin ball and forgot to send the last one off. OOPS!!!!!!
Never mind.

So after the show in Copenhagen we popped over to Sweden.
The gig on Wednesday the 12th was pretty good. The band played a stormer but Bruce’s voice was still a little weak from his illness. He did really well though and we all had a great time on stage.
After the gig we went back to the hotel and I had to go straight to me bed. You see I had arrived into London from Miami that morning and I was feeling a WEE bit jet lagged. I did manage to get some rest on the plane and I stole an hour or so when I got back to me drum in London. I left for Stansted at the usual time and we took off at around 1 o'clock pm. Well, all considered I didn’t feel that bad actually.

My dearest friend Peter Lokrantz was at the show taking care of the security while Wally was off on sick leave, so, after the gig he gave me a massage working mainly on me back. He has a pair of magic hands. Wow!! He sorted the problem right out for me. Thank you Pete!!!!

So, when I got to me room I stuffed some plugs in me lugs and hit the hay at around 1:30pm.

I awoke at a little after 12 midday and we were scheduled to leave for Stockholm at 1pm. We arrived at the hotel for 3pm and I went straight down to the bar to meet me good pal Sola. You may remember him from our last trip to Stockholm. He was the head pro from Ullna golf club, [see Diary from last tour].
Well, we had a few bevies at the bar, mainly Frenet Branca, yes it’s all coming back now!
Then we went off to meet some more friends at the Bistro Jarl. We had a few more libations there and then we went to the restaurant Rish. A guy named Anders runs the place and it was real cool to see him again. We had a wee bite to eat. Sola and I had a dozen oysters followed by Lobster Bisque, lovely, chased down with a bottle of Chablis. Pete had the soup and something Swedish I can’t remember what it was.
After that we went back over to the Bistro Jarl. Big mistake.
We met a guy named Steve, and his mate from the Swedish watch company Sandstrom, and had a few drinks with them. Then Anders, their boss and the owner, turned up, and we had a few drinks with him. Well, by this time, 6:30pm, I was blottoed I can tell you. I was in lar-lar land. Sola spotted a bottle of Lemonjello behind the bar and we decided that we would drink the lot. Oh dear!! We were having such a blast. We had decided that I would go back to the hotel for a wee siesta and meet up for dinner at 10pm. Well, I got to me bed and collapsed and didn’t wake up until 3:30am, [‘Kin Jet-lag] feeling absolutely famished. So I got dressed and went looking for a MacDonalds that I thought would be open. Guess what? It wasn’t. So there I am at 3:30am walking the streets of Stockholm in sub zero weather and the ‘Kin Mickie Dee’s was shut. Oh well back to the hotel. I order some room service, spaghetti bolognaise, and I watched some tennis on TV. I hit the pillow at a little after 5 am.

That day we had a show at the Globe in Stockholm.
The Swedish fans are some of the best ever in the Whole wide world. We had a most splendid gig that night I can tell you. We played as though it was the first gig. We were on fire.
The crowd were truly magic that night.
Thank you Stockholm and all you boys and girls that waited for us at the hotel. It was a wee bit cold to say the least and you were there for a long time. Again, thank you all.

After the show we did a runner back to the hotel and got cleaned up. We were being presented with a Gold Album from our record company. My dear friend Sola, was there as was Anders, his son and his friend and the gang from Sandstrom, my very dear friend and golfing buddy, Lasse Berghagen, and his dancers from his show, also his sound engineer was with him, his name is Hagan.
We all had a few glasses of Champagne and some wonderful stories and then Simon Fisher my new pal from J Lindeburg clothes turned up with his mate Lars.
It was so nice to see everybody; it was a very special night.

Earlier in the day I met with Lasse and Sola and Pete and an old friend I hadn’t seen for a few years, Olfe. He is such a nice guy and it was special to see him again. We had lunch at a place called Theatro’s bistro. It’s just behind the restaurant Rish. Anders actually runs both of these place’s.
We had a very nice lunch. Olfe had to leave for an appointment and Lasse, Sola, Peter and myself talked about a project that we are going to do later next year. Lasse is the Unicef Ambassador for Scandinavia. When we met earlier in the year we decided to do a special golf/charity event together. We had a wonderful chat about this and we are very excited to be able to do something like this together. I shall keep you all updated as things progress.

Well, after lunch I went to see Simon at J Linderburg’s warehouse. I came out with some cool golf shirts and stuff so I shall look really sharp next time I’m out and about and on the golf course.
Thank you Simon and too all the wonderful people that I met at the warehouse.
A special thanks to J Lindeburg.

The next stop was at Sandstrom’s watch warehouse
I met with Niclas and Johan. There I picked up a beautiful blue-faced watch. It’s a smashing looking piece I can tell you.
Thank you Anders and everyone at Sandstrom.

I had to be back at the hotel for 3 pm as there was a band meeting to discuss the next part of the tour after Christmas. I got there a wee bit late but got caught up on what I missed.
After the meet, we headed out to Brommer airport and boarded the jet for Gothenburg. We went straight to the gig and I had a spot of dinner and had an interview scheduled. I did it and then went and had a warm up on me little set of tubs. We were on stage a little earlier at 8:40pm. The crowd were absolutely brilliant yet again. It’s too hard to tell which was the best night?
I would have to say that both nights were extremely special, no favourite but ALL of Sweden rocks. I love you ALL!!!!

After the show we headed straight out to the airport. We changed in the van and were heading back to Blighty by 12 midnight.
We had to fly into Luton airport that night but I was home at me house by 1 am and tucked up in bed by 2.
Lovely time was had in Scandinavia. Always the fondest memories and true friends made and loved. Thank you to all of you.
I cant wait to see you all again in the very near future. Maybe some drum shows????
Definitely in the summer with my dear friends, Lasse, Sola and my brother Peter Lokrantz.

Well, it’s getting late here in London and I need a bit more rest after such a crazy 4 days with you lot up there.

Take care
Stay safe and well.
God bless each and everyone of you!!!!

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