12 Nov 2003 - An Unexpected Break

On board jet from Stansted to Copenhagen.
Time: 1:30pm.

Well, well, well,
Where to begin!
As you will have gathered boys and girls, we have had an unexpected holiday, well I have in a sense.
Let me begin where I left off.

The last time that we played together was in Frankfurt last week.
The gig was on Tuesday the 4th of November.
We headed out from Stansted at the usual time of 1pm and were at the hotel a little before 4pm. After checking in I decided to go for a walk. I love Frankfurt and this trip was beautiful. I had a great stroll down one of the many walking streets and did a spot of window-shopping. After a couple of hours I went back to the hotel. I had a great room and settled down to watch a spot of TV.
I left for the gig at 7:45pm and caught Funeral for a Friend. They went down, at first, like a fart in a two-man submarine, but as they went on they won over the crowd. They’re a really good band. I like them and so did Frankfurt, cool.

We hit the stage at 9:15pm, our usual time, and we had a good gig but Bruce was feeling a wee bit under the weather. I knew that ‘Kin Madrid gig did him in!!!!!!
So we played OK but it wasn’t quite the same with Bruce only firing on 6 cylinders and no supercharge. The audience were fantastic and were with him all the way. We still had a great time and the fans were brilliant.
Thank you Frankfurt!!!

After the show Steve, Jan, Gaddzy, Rod, and myself went out to a restaurant called A1. Our promoter’s brother owns it and we were his invited guests for a wee nightcap and a spot of the old nosebag. We met with Ozzy Hoppy our second promoter, and Matteo.
Funeral were there as well. We had a nice quiet evening and I left with Geezer and Jan at a little after 2 in the morning.
The next day I arose at a little before 11am. I got dressed and popped over the road to get me a Starbucks coffee. I met Bruce on the way and he was not doing too good. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to sing for a few days. He had just been to see a doctor and had a bag full of medicine in his hand. I bought him a coffee and we talked about how he was feeling.

We arrived back at Stansted at 2:45pm and it was too late to get a flight to New York, so I headed home and had a great night up at, yes you guessed it... Toff’s.
I went for a pint and then over to the restaurant. I had a Prawn cocktail followed by a great piece of cod with the old chips and mushy peas and a bottle of ‘Keo’ beer. I had a great chat with the guys in the restaurant. George, one of the owners comped me meal for me. Thank you guys you all rule.
After dinner I went to see ‘Kill Bill’. What a stupid film. I didn’t care for it. Uma Thurman was the only thing good to come out of the whole sorry affair. You rule Uma.

I made the 3:15pm flight down to Florida. I walked through me front door at 7:30pm in the evening. Me misses met me, and we were supposed to surprise me little one but when we pulled into the drive he popped his head out of the garage door and spotted me. He was so made up it was brilliant.

Well, I have had a most splendid couple of days at home, but I have to admit it feels a little strange knowing that we have had to let a few of you down, through all of this, but this sort of thing happens on occasion. We are re-scheduling the shows so I hope that you guys will all be able to make the show.

Well, we’re about to land now so I’m off.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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