03 Nov 2003 - Nicko: Cold air and flat batteries

At home in London.
Time: 2:30pm.

Well, well, well,
How’s it all going for ya?
I’m doing OK. A little bit on the old, emphasis on the old, sore side today. Me back has been playing up a little over the last week or so. Oh well!!!!

We played in Madrid last night and boy was it a weird show. We hit the stage at 9:30pm and all was going really well until some bright ‘Kin idiot decided to open a ‘Kin door or something and all of a sudden the stage temperature went down to what felt like zero.

Bruce noticed it first and then Steve. I had my cooling fans working blowing cool air on me and that suddenly went freezing so I had Pete turn them off. It was not very comfortable I can tell you. A message was sent out to try and find out the reason for the sudden temperature drop but it didn’t get any better. We played well but Bruce really felt it more than the rest of us. It made singing a lot more difficult. He was not amused and neither were the rest of us. I thought we played well considering. The audience were the loudest yet. ‘Kin fantastic you lot in Madrid. I guess the cold really worked you lot up as well! TEE HEE.
Great night all considered.

After the show we did a runner back to the airport and jumped on the plane back to blighty. We were airborne by 12 midnight and we landed in blighty at a little before 1 o-clock am local time. When I arrived at me jam jar the ‘Kin battery was flat again. There has to be something drawing power even when the ignition's turned off.
Fortunately Davey’s jam jar was parked right next to me so he was able to give me a jump-start. The old jam jar fired up and I was able to get home. A great night and I’m sitting here at home getting ready to meet with Geezer Gadd. Guess where we’re going tonight????

Yes you guessed it. TOFFS fish and chip restaurant. But first we’re going to have a couple of pints at the local and then have some rubber dub. We’re going to have an early supper, as Geezer wants to watch the old football on the telly tonight. Well, next gigs in Frankfurt Germany tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I really like Frankfurt. I always seem to have a great time when I’m there.
I play there at the Music fair usually in March or early April. Have played the last 5 years for me good pal Jim Marshall.
I hope to be there next year again. We shall have to see. Not sure whether the misses will be too pleased with me heading off to Europe so soon after the Maiden tour.

Well me lovelies, I’m off now.
See you soon.
Saty safe and well.
God bless you.

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