31 Oct 2003 - Nicko - Tapas and shiny pants.

Hotel room in Barcelona.
Time 2:30pm

Here we are in wonderful Barcelona. We flew in this morning from Zurich. We played there last night and boy it was a stormer.
Of course, being in Switzerland and all, I had invited my very good chums from Paiste. They make my cymbals for me.
Danny Zimmermann from artist relations had coordinated the guest list but were unable himself to come as he had a serious dose of the lurgey. Not conducive to going out and having a good time AAHHHEEEE!

Well we missed you Danny! There were about 15 people showed up for the gig. My very dear friend, Ted Voellmy arrived with his lovely girl friend and his son Christoph and his friend, it was great to see Ted and too meet his family. I always enjoy his company and friendship. We go back 19 years together. He still owes me about 20 Vodka Screwdrivers from a bet we had in 1987. AAAHHHEEE!

Well we had great gig and the crowd were really with us that night. Thank you Switzerland.
After the show I hung out with Ted and after a couple of glasses of wine, Bruce and I headed back to the hotel. We arranged to meet in the bar and have a wee nightcap. Steve was there as well so we all had a chinwag about the shows and what we maybe doing in the future. It was very enlightening. After the bar closed we all went our ways to the various rooms.

The next day we awoke early at 10:30am for a departure of 11am. Ian’s wife was meeting him in Barcelona and he wanted to be there a little earlier than planned. We love the city of Barcelona, so it wasn’t a problem for us getting there early. Bruce was heading back to London so we were only 8 people flying today.
The flight went with a hoot, you see at the gig in Zurich I had a new pair of pants that were delivered from our seamstress lass named Catherine, only problem was the material was a bit shiny and I have to say a bit gay looking. Well the guys were in a hoot over this and I was, to put it mildly, a wee bit ticked off. So I wore them on stage and they lasted for 4 songs. I was burning up in ‘em.

I turned round to Pete me drum Tech and asked him to go get me old Eddie shorts. I took off the dreaded gay pants and there I was on stage with No Skivvies on, in the buff, well I did have to pull me shirt down to save me dignity. That was a first taking me pants off on stage. Blimey mate. Good job I have such a huge ----------- drum kit to hide behind AAAAHHHEEE!

Well the next day on the plane the boys took the pants out on me TEE HEE! So I was getting the BUTT end of the gag, so to speak. It was so funny even our Wally was getting in on it.

So, we arrived into Barcelona at a little after 1pm. Ian’s wife was due in at 1:45pm, so all on time and very happy. We got into some vans, this time we didn’t leave anyone behind. Last time here we left Jan behind. He had popped off to the loo and Gaddzy forgot to do a head count. We got to the hotel and checked in. I had a few problems with me room so I had to change a couple of times.
This tour had been going exceedingly well up until now. No room changes, and all of a sudden 2 in one hit. Oh well.

After getting a room that suited, I met Wally and we popped off to the local Tapas bar. It’s a very sweet place, just around the corner from the hotel; it’s called ‘Cerveceria’. Great people, great Tapas and beer. We had a most wonderful lunch. We headed back to the hotel and I made a dinner reservation at a restaurant called ‘Tingala Monchos’, it’s located down at the Olympic Marina Port. I always visit this establishment whenever I’m in Barcelona. I made the reservation for 4 people.

Steve Gadd, Harry, Wally and myself all went for dinner at 8pm. Well, it was fantastic. We had the old black rice with a couple of prawn salads, clams, mussels, beans with octopus, prawns done with a garlic sauce and Harry had a fantastic piece of veal. All helped down with the old vino blanca and some beers. Lovely. We had a great meal. Thank you all at Monchos for a memorable evening.
It was so good Harry went back there the next day for lunch with his old pal Geoffrey. He had to have some more of the old black rice and prawn salad.

Well, it’s time to go now.
See you all soon.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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