28 Oct 2006 - Nicko - home for a day

At home in London.
Time: 4:30pm

Well, well, well,
Yes I’m back at home for the day and feeling a wee bit fried. Only because we have been travelling a lot over the last couple of days, and playing some fantastic shows.

Yesterday saw us in Firenze in Italy.
But the day before on Monday we played in Milan.
We left London on Monday afternoon at 2:30pm. The flight took about 1:40 minutes. We went straight to the hotel, which was right next door to the gig. When we arrived we were greeted by Val Janes from our office in London, She had come over to coordinate the various press that we all had to do. After the press we headed over to the venue and got ready for the show. It was a storming gig. We’re definitely settled into the show now. It works very well.
Especially now everyone is feeling confident. After the show, I had met a bunch of fans outside the gig. I signed a bunch of stuff and then headed to the bar. Our dear old friend Cod was at the show, he was waiting to meet the Robbie Williams tour that was coming through on the Wednesday. He had a whole bunch of swag to deliver to them. Then he will be heading back to blighty. We had a few bevies and I hit the hay at a little after 2am.
The next day I had lunch with Cod and we had a nice chat about Faith and God, very interesting it was I can tell you.
After lunch we said our farewells. The band party left for Firenze at 4pm. We didn’t have a hotel in Firenze as we were heading back to blighty after the show. It was a very short flight from Milan and we were at the show a little after 6:15pm. We were due on stage at the usual time of 9:15pm and we had the best time. The gig was brilliant as was the audience. You guys are making us feel so good. This is so far the best tour yet. I love you all. Thank you so much.

So I shall be going up to Toffs the fish shop for me supper tonight. I did however cook spuds and sausages on Sunday when I was last home But the old fish shops open today. Hurray.
We’re off to Zurich tomorrow so I’ll report in to you all later on.

Stay safe and well
God bless you all.

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