26 Oct 2003 - Update from the air

On board jet flying from Stuttgart to London.
Time: 9:45am.

Well, well, well,
How the blazes are you all this fine day?
I’m doing OK, a little tired today as we got up a wee bit early this morning.

So, last night we played at the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart.
A most splendid event it was as well. We went on stage at our normal time of 9:15pm and boy did we have a great show. The band were fired up I can tell you. There were little errors here and there but the over all vibe was brilliant. The audiences have been exceptional at all of our shows so far, and last night the crowd were amazing. We played to a sold out venue of over 12,000 billies. ‘Kin great time I can tell you.
It was definitely the best that we’ve played so far. The lights and continuity was spot on. I love this new set. It feels really special. It’s the first time we’ve used a theatrical set up like this. It works great. We hope that you lot think so too!

As you will have gathered we’re on our way back to blighty today. The clocks went back an hour last night so it doesn’t feel to bad getting up at 8:30 cos it’s really 9:30am. Of course it does depend on what time ya actually got to bed the night before doesn’t it boys and girls.
So I plan to have a relaxing day at home.
I shall pop off to me local Tescos and buy a little something to cook for me supper. Being its Sunday the old Toffs aint open, so I shall have to forgo me fish and chip supper. Oh well never mind. Hopefully there will be a spot of the old golf on the old telly and a few good movies.
I miss me family though. I wish they were home in England. It would make the day off more special.

Well I think I shall sign off now. I’m going to have to have a few winks.
Stay safe and well you lot.
God bless you.

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