25 Oct 2003 - Nicko - Stuttgart

Hotel room in Stuttgart.
Time 3-15pm.

Well, well, well,
Here we are in Stuttgart. It’s a most beautiful day today. The sun is shining and I feel real good. Praise the Lord.
Last nights show was a stormer. We played really well and there were only a couple of dodgy moments but all in all a great show. The continuity is fantastic and the LIGHTS, well, they are beautiful. Our Prince of Darkness is right on the ball at present, no telling though how long that that will last, TEE HEE!
No, joking aside, Martin Brennan, our lighting designer is doing a most splendid job. Keep it up me old blows!
The rest of our crew are very special as well. They all seem to be 100%, totally into the gig. Thanx lads I really do appreciate all that you guys do for us!
Right, I’ll be around later today sometime to collect 20 quid from each of ya.

Well back to the gig last night. It was really cool. We had close to 10,000 billies in and we all had a blast.
After the show I had a most splendid massage and then arrived back at the hotel around 12:30am.
Mateo Ringling, our very dear friend and promoter had arranged a table at the ‘Trader Vics’ bar and grill located just off the lobby of the hotel. All the band were there except H, he was feeling a little under the weather, so he had an early night. We drank and ate until the wee hours of the morning. JJ, our Agent was there and also a few guys from EMI and Gamma Ray. All in all a great night.
Thank you to all our fans that have been to see us, you rule!!!!!!

Well, we took a flight today from Munich to Stuttgart.
It only took us a little over 30 minutes and we arrived into the hotel at a little before 3pm. It is a great day. Not too cold here. It was 2 below in Munich, bit too chilly for my old bones, I can tell you.
We have a show tonight and are scheduled to hit the stage at 9:15pm. We’re heading back to blighty tomorrow, so we all decided that we should leave early in the morning at around 9:30am. One good thing though is that the clocks go back tonight so we gain the hour. Lovely jubbly.
Well, I’m off for a Bratwurst Dodgy dog.
Stay safe and well me lovelies and God bless you all.

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