24 Oct 2003 - Rod on the Road: Munich Olympiahalle

Tuesday morning, in London Office trying to make time to do this!! Didn’t get chance to turn on PC over the weekend – the kids and rugby (5 WC games!!!) much more important!! Also sorry, Munich was real busy and I didn’t get to do any pics so I hope Gaddsy has got his laptop up and running now. About bloody time.

Left Prague around midday and landed in Munich about an hour later. Great to have some English papers on the plane to catch up with the sports and news.

Got to hotel, checked in and then straight down to bar to meet with our merchandiser, Barry Drinkwater. Went through various tour stuff. Our agent John Jackson from K2 joined us a bit later to catch up on tour plans for 2004. A lot of others were in for this show as was a lot of media and some of our EMI Electrola friends (thanks Eric).

Show went well. Very good audience, nearly sold out with about 9000. The show is really starting to look good now as the various tape and lighting cues get more rehearsed and some adjustments we made to the show over the first 3 gigs are put into place. Paschendale in particular is awesome. Also the more they play, the tighter the band get. It is always very satisfying at this stage to see band and production take shape and just get better and better.

After the gig Matteo from the promoters arranged tables at Trader Vics which was actually in the hotel. We were joined by agents, merchandisers, label , press (Andreas and Chritophe from Metal Hammer) and a host of others – including I am glad to say Gamma Ray. Kai Hansen of course I know from Helloween so it was especially good to have a chat and catch up on things.

A (very) late night and flew back home around lunchtime. Groggy but ok. Took the kids out for pizza that evening.

Since munich we have had a couple of shows, Stuttgart and Milan. I wasn’t at them but apparently both went very well with terrific audiences and both were sold out, about 24,000 in all. The tour is definitely on the road!!

- Rod

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