23 Oct 2003 - Rod on the Road: Prague

9.25pm Prague

Ok that’s yesterday and Braska done, now for today. First a word about the pics. I am taking these with a FUJI FINEPIX F601Z which is a pretty decent camera but be warned I am not an expert so some of the pics arent up to Ross or even Gaddsy standard and sometimes the light is a bit dodgy but I am doing my best. I also have to sort out, download to laptop and send off so BE PATIENT... PLEASE. And as I have other things to do l don’t get a lot of time. I haven’t done any live shots as when they do go up they have to be good!!!

Gaddsy, who normally does most of the pics, has had his laptop stolen so cant send his in yet. But he will have a new one soon so can catch up and hopefully you will get a bunch more shots. I go back home after Munich as I don’t want to miss England beat Samoa on Sunday morning!!!! By then Gaddsy will be up and running. My bit on Munich wont be up til Monday as l wont have chance to type it up etc. before then.

Today was a (well deserved) day off. Had a bit of a lie in, breakfast with Chris Ingham and Nicko and Janick, did some emails and phone calls then around midday Nick, Jan and I went off with a guide for a tour of this fantastic city. I recommend any of you to try to visit sometime. One of the perks of this job is getting to see and experience many wonderful and interesting places and we have always made an effort to do this. Our guide Edith seemed to know everything about the city and the date everything was built and who did what and when and to whom. An overload of knowledge which I haven’t time to pass on to you all so go get a book – the history is fascinating and has been at the centre of much of Europe’s history. We visited the castle, the cathedral and Jewish cemetery, walked over the incredible King Charles bridge and saw the remains of a dodo (!!!) and one of the oldest books in the world (9th century) in the monastery. Fascinating stuff – l have attached a couple of pics but the guys arent in them as it’s a day off!!!

We are making the best of our stay here and not going to Munich for the show til tomorrow. Bruce and Steve flew back to UK early this morning for a day at home and we haven’t seen H all day as his wife Nathalie is over to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Take care of yourselves and I will be back early next week.

Are you all following the Rugby World Cup – beats the hell out of soccer. Sorry, Steve. At least I can keep in touch online with Skysports.

- Rod

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