22 Oct 2003 - Nicko on the first night of the DoD tour

In hotel room, Prague.
Time: 2:30pm.

Well, well, well,
We have just played two shows and it is really heating up I can tell you.
We played our first show in Debecen, Hungary on Sunday and it was a bit nerve racking all round.
We hit the stage at 9:15pm playing to a sold out gig. The stage set looks amazing and we have a very complex running order with many new songs from the Dance of Death album mixed in with some firm favourites.
We all felt the old dreaded stage nerves and were all fired up for the first gig. We did have a few hiccups during the show. Mainly continuity problems like intro tapes coming in late and on occasion not coming in at all. Hey that’s what the first couple of shows are all about. Getting the flow right and being settled with the program.

After the show we headed back to the hotel.
On Monday we headed over to Prague, we have based ourselves in this remarkable city while we play the next few gigs.
Monday was a day off. After arriving at a most splendid hotel in the city Dave, H and myself hit the restaurant for a spot of lunch. We checked in dropped our stuff off and met in the lobby for a welcome drink with the management and then made our way to the dinning room. We had a great lunch accompanied by a nice bottle of local Cabernet. I hit me room and had a wee siesta before hitting the old spa for a massage. I woke just in time as I had a 5 o-clock appointment. After the massage I went back to me room for a shower and a lie down. Just as I had hit the pillow Geezer Gadd called and said that he fancied a wee drink at the Irish bar that was just a wee walk up the way. “Ok” I said, “we’ll have a drink and then find a local restaurant for dinner”.
We hit a bar called Ricky o-Reilly’s and had a few libations before venturing out in search of a local eating establishment.
We found a great place. We had a local dish of spud pancakes and a various assortment of meats and veggies. It was great. After dinner we headed out for a walk around the old town. The city is truly the most beautiful of which I have ever been to. The buildings are magnificent in their beauty and splendor.
After hitting a couple of more bars we ended up back in the Irish bar, guess who was there when we arrived.
Yes, none other than our Jan. We joined him and took another couple of local beers then Steve and I made our way back to the hotel.
When we arrived, Bruce was sitting in the lobby. We had a drink with him and then I went to me bed.

The next day was a bit of a struggle as I had one doozy of a hangover.
It is Tuesday and we have a show in Banska Slovakia. We leave the hotel for the airport at 3:30pm.
We arrive at the venue after a 40-minute flight and the good news was that we are on stage at 8:15pm.
The support act is a band named Gamma Ray. They were on stage at 7pm. The gig was at an old ice hockey rink so it was a wee bit chilly in the gig.
We had a much better show last night than the first gig. Doug our sound engineer had re-recorded the intro tapes and the continuity was pretty much on the ball. We played a blinder although I had a bit of a wobble on Paschendale. My ride cymbal broke off from the stand and ended up in my lap and covering the snare drum. PANIC set in as I had to stop playing to enable me to sling the culprit onto the floor, then on top of that I played one to many around the bridge riff and ended up playing on my own. Oh well we soldiered on, no pun intended, and the gig finished on a high note. Fantastic the audience on both nights were incredible. Thank you all for making our first Dance of Death shows so special. My love to you all for a great couple of nights.

Well, I have to get ready for our show here in Prague.
We have a few interviews scheduled for early evening and then we hit the stage for 9:15pm.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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