21 Oct 2003 - Rod's Notes - Hungary

We are off. Left the UK about 1pm Sunday flying into Dubrecen the major Hungarian city on the plains in the East (pop 207,000) interesting airport – it was the major Russian military airport and has two 2500m runways and about 30 bomb proof bunkers to protect their bombers. Stayed at old hotel Aranybika which is on a beautiful old square – nice to see some trams running (probably on time too – something we have forgotten in the UK!!)

Visited the bar with Nicko (soft pre-gig drink for him) Went to gig with a friend from Brighton, Mike Weatherley and his lovely Brazilian wife Adriana. They got married last Friday and had come over from Budapest where they were on honeymoon!!! Congratulations!!

Checked out crew, merch etc and talked to promoter Tim Dowdall. Good modern venue holds officially 6000 but police and fire dept allowed an extra 1000 tickets as it sold out so quick. Thanks guys.

Gig went pretty well for a first show. Usual minor problems on timing of intros just like the start of any tour. Band got into it well for a first show , especially as there are some complex songs in the set like Dance of Death. Set works well, l think you fans will enjoy it!! A lot of new songs, some we haven’t played for a while , some classics. Production looked superb and lights came together well for a first show. All in all a good start…..and a fantastic audience. If you were there... THANKS!

Hung around a while after gig , had a few post gig beers then back to hotel for more of the same and some table football (sorry Mike!!!) its good to be back on the road again.

- Rod

Ps. England 25, south Africa 6 in world cup rugby. Good start there too. Shall l go down to Oz or stay on the tour!!! Have to decide soon!!

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