18 Oct 2003 - Nicko's back

At home in London.
Time: 6pm

Well, well, well,
How the Baileys are you all?
It’s been a while ahhee!

Well, I’ll keep this one short as I’m just getting ready to go up to Toffs for, yes you guessed it, me fish and chips, Lovely jubbly.

We’re off to Hungary tomorrow for our first show of the new tour.
We were down in Brighton on Wednesday for the production rehearsal and boy does the stage set look cool.
Everything looks ‘Kin great. I have a new Premier series drum kit made or I should say custom finished by me mate Wayne Saunders. He did me Eddie kit for me. It’s a marbled candy apple red with the floor logo on each drum; you know the floor from the album front cover, looks killer.

So, I have had a great couple of weeks back in Florida with my family. Lots of golf and going out to eat and all that good stuff. I miss me family very much at the moment. It’s very difficult going home and then having to leave after only a short time.

I’m excited though. The new material live sounds fantastic even if I say so meself. Tee Hee!!!!!!
All is going great. I must thank everyone that went out and bought the album and single you all rule thank you very much.

Well I’m off for me dinner.
I shall be rattling off some more diaries as we go so stay tuned and I’ll keep you lot up to speed again.
See you all out on tour and stay safe and well.
God bless you all

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