02 Sep 2003 - Home. Sort of.

Hotel Marriott Swiss Cottage.
Time: 5:15am.

Well, well, well,
Yes I have the worst case of jet lag EVER. We flew home to London from San Francisco on Sunday.
We left the hotel at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon and boarded the Virgin Atlantic plane back to Blighty. It left at 4:30pm. I headed back too me drum in North London only to be greeted with a ‘Kin mess left behind by the builders. I had had a renovation done on the house while I was away. It looked like Christmas, with fine white ‘Kin dust everywhere. I was not amused; also there was still some work to be finished off so I just high tailed it out to a hotel. Before I left though, I had to arrange for the alarm people to come out and fix the ‘Kin alarm as the builders had been given the wrong code to deactivate it when they started work at the house it had gotten messed up. It’s fixed know. A guy arrived at 3 in the afternoon yesterday, [Monday] and sorted it out. This house is driving me up the ‘Kin wall I can tell you.

Well down to the last couple of shows in the States.
The San Diego gig was a blinder. We had a great night and the traffic wasn’t too bad getting down there. I left the hotel with, Jeanne, Natalie, and me misses Rebecca. It took us a little over 90 minutes. We got to the show and I changed and hit the stage at 9:55pm. After the show we all took showers and then I headed back with the girls and H to Laguna Beach. We were staying at a hotel named the Montage Resort. Absolutely gorgeous place. One of the best hotels that I’ve ever stayed at.

The next day was off. I stayed in bed ALL day with the misses. We had loads of room service and the only time I got out of me pit was to open the door for the grub and to go too the loo. Lovely.

The following day, [Thursday] we headed over to Orange County airport and met with Bruce, Joe Justice, Paddy, and H for the flight up to Berkeley near San Francisco. We had a show in San Jose that evening. The flight took us a little over 90 minutes and the drive to the hotel took us 30 minutes. We stayed at a place named the ‘Claremont Resort and Spa’. It’s a very old hotel and reminded us all of the hotel in the Jack Nicholson movie The Shining, scary place actually.

So after we checked in, Jeanne, Rebecca, and meself went and had some dinner. I only had a couple of hours before show time so I ate a light meal. Nothing too heavy. We left the hotel at 8 o'clock and were at the show for 8:30pm. The gig was great, we played really well and the crowd loved it. After the gig we went back to the hotel and had an early night.

The next day was at a place called Concord. Not too far away from where we were staying. We left the hotel and were at the show for a little before 8:45pm. We did the gig and then after did a runner. Jeanne got left behind and was not amused that we left her there. Well a runner is a runner, and if you aint in the van when it’s ready to go then you don’t make it do you?
When we got to the hotel I called Robbie and he arranged for Jeanne too get back via a cab. While we were waiting we hit the bar. Everyone turned up and we had a whale of a time. I hit me sack at a little after 3pm.

The next day was our last U.S show. Only problem was it was a 120-mile drive from the hotel. ‘Kin marvellous. We left at 6 o'clock and made the journey in 2 hours. I went and said thanks for a great tour together to all the Dio guys before we went on stage, had a wee drop of wine with them and then it was show time.

The gig was great. It really stormed along. Thank you too all our fans in the U.S. You all made it a special time.
I would also like to thank, Lemmy, Phil, and Mickie from Motorhead.
Ronnie, Craig, Scott, Simon, and me old mate Jimmie from Dio.
You guys really made this tour VERY special for me, and the rest of the guys.

Also I have to personally thank all the road crew from all of the bands. A big THANK YOU. You all made this tour work so well.
I hope that you all have a safe trip home.
To the Maiden crew I would like to add me respect to you all. I look forward to seeing you all in a months time.

Last but not the least to my friend and drum tech Peter,[Rusty] Clark.
You’re an inspiration mate and I am thankful that you came out of retirement to be with me again on this tour. Thank you Cindy for agreeing to let Pete come out again. You’re the best!

Well I look forward to seeing you all again from October on. The new Dance of Death tour is going to be awesome. The stage set will be magnificent and I hope to have another Wayne Saunders/Premier masterpiece on stage.

Well It’s just gone 6 o-clock in the morning so I’ll see if I can get a bit of sleep
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all.

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