24 Aug 2003 - Quickie from Nicko

Hotel in Laguna Beach - 7:15pm.

Well, well, well,
I’ve just got ready for our show in Irvine California and me misses is in the bathroom doing the same. Our friend Jeanne is just on her way up too the room and we shall be going to the gig together. Boys and girls, yes, I have a nice new Jag, for me stay in California courtesy of Jaguwah, [TEEHEE, that’s for you Steve] U.S.A. They still have faith in the old dog. I’m very happy to be here with me misses, and Jeanne. She is one of our best friends and flew in with the misses on Friday.

We had a show in Phoenix that evening and it was a doozie. It was 100 degrees on stage and we were burning up in more ways than one. I unfortunately pulled a rib or something half way through the second song and was in a fairly bad way I can tell you!

Pete, my drum tech, helped me by massaging the affected area but I needed some professional help. He called the masseuse back as she had left the venue. She arrived back and got to work on me back. She reckoned that I had a dislocated rib. How weird. Well she worked on as I’m playing. It was very strange. She did get me out of pain and back into the gig though. Thank you! I didn’t get her name but you were a lifesaver thanks.

So we did a pretty good gig although we were all feeling a bit worse for wear from the heat. ‘Kin amazing it was 9:25pm when we went on and it was still close to 100 degrees when we came off. We all took a shower and Bruce, Steve, Joe Justice [Bruce’s pilot friend] Lucy the wardrobe lass and meself jumped into a van and headed over to the airport. We flew to Orange county airport L.A.

We arrived at a little before 2 in the morning. I then went over to the hotel and met with the misses. She was asleep when I arrived. I climbed into bed and fell straight to sleep meself. I was so exhausted. Oh yes, when we arrived at the hotel in Phoenix me mate Bob Scrivener met me. He works for Titliest and is the man responsible for getting the Iron Maiden balls made for me. We played 18 holes of golf at the resort course. It was so hot though. We must have drunk six gallons of Gatorade between us. Davey played so there were three of us.
I’m using the Titliest Pro V1 balls at present and Bob had gotten 6 dozen balls made with the Logo on for me. He’s a smashing guy.
Thank you Bob, for the balls, and the great company.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to him, as he had to run home, he lives in Scottsdale, which was an hours drive from the gig His wife Tammy had a 6:30am flight to Boston and Bob was taking her to the airport. Not to much sleep for dear Bob.

Well we are getting ready to leave for the show now.
Stay safe and well.
God bless you all

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