26 Jul 2003 - Nicko - New York

In New York Hotel Room.
Time: 7:05pm.

Well, well, well,
How are you all, I trust well?
I have had a great couple of days I can tell you!
We did a show in Hartford on Tuesday night and it was a good ‘Kin crack. We played a different set from the Monday evening’ show in Worcester. We dropped Two Minutes To Midnight.
It kind of worked but we still felt the need to change the running order, as it still wasn’t feeling right.

Last night in Camden, near Philadelphia, we changed yet again. This time we put back 2 mins, as the first song of the encore, and then finished with Run to the Hills. It worked really well.
So with the set in order we are ready to take on the States.

Well I’m writing this part of me diary from me hotel room in Manhattan, New York.
I got a bit way laid [Tee hee] as me misses has been with me for the last couple of days. It is Saturday afternoon [26th] and Rebecca's gone to the spa so leaving me with a little time to finish off me old diary.
She arrived on Thursday. I had that day off so it was nice to kick back and hang out together. She arrived into La Guardia airport at 2:10pm and I was a little late picking her up. The traffic in NY is atrocious. I managed to get there a little after the old Chinese dentist time, that’s 2:30 to you, dear.

We made our way back to the hotel and after getting her settled we went to the old bar for an afternoon libation. We hung out for about an hour and then went to get ready for dinner. We had planned to stay local at the hotel and as we were going to dinner saw Rod and Jan with a friend of theirs. We joined them for a drink and then went to dinner. We had a smashing meal at a restaurant called Terrance Brennans. Great service and even better grub, lovely.

After dinner we went to see Dave and Tamar. Rod was there and we had a wee drink and then left for bed. A wonderful day was had and I’m so happy to see me misses.

Friday evening we had a show in New Jersey at the PNC Bank Arts Centre. It’s only forty miles out of the city but with a 4 o-clock leave it took me nearly 3 hours to get there. It was a nice journey though as I had some wonderful company. Me pal Steve Smith and his lovely lady Jan have popped over from blighty to be with me at our MSG show on Wednesday next week. They arrived at midnight on Thursday. I didn’t think that they may have liked to just kick back for the day, but they came with me and we had a wonderful time. I also have a very beautiful new black Jag in me possession at the moment. James Thomas who works for Jag U.S.A arranged for me to have it for the ten days that I’m in NY. It’s an XJR. Very very quick motor I can tell you.

Well the journey went really quick as we were in such a nice jam jar. The show was blinding. The band is definitely firing on all cylinders.
The audience were brilliant. You know that don’t you?
Yes I know is said previously that the American audiences are a bit laid back, well even I can be wrong once in a while, right!!!!!
They were really loud and into the whole evening. Motorhead and Dio were brilliant as well, everyone had a great time.

I saw some dear friends last night as well. Joan and John Cartwright, two of the original Chicago mutants came up to see us. They are lovely people and it’s always great to see them

Well me misses has just got back from a spa treat and I’m going to go now.

Thanks to all that have been out to see us over the last few evenings. It has been getting better and better. Thank you all again.
Well, toodle-oo!!

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.

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