22 Jul 2003 - Nicko hits the States

In hotel Worcester.
Time: 12:35pm.

Well, well, well,
I have just got back from our first American show on this tour. We played in a great venue called the Centrum.

We took to the stage at 9:25pm and played for a little over 90 minutes.
As there are three bands on the bill, we’ve had to cut a few tunes from the set.
I wish we didn’t have to do that but what can you do when there is not enough time. We cut 22 Acacia Avenue, Heaven can wait and 2 minutes to midnight.

The set seemed to fly by. I had a lot of problems with me monitor system tonight, There was a lot of distortion due to Harry’s bass rig playing up. I hope Michael, Harry’s tech, can sort it out by tomorrow.

Well over all it was a pretty good gig. There is a big difference playing here to playing in Europe. The fans over the water are very intense, where as here they all seem a bit more laid back. We were still firing on all cylinders though. We left the stage to a great reaction and all had a great time regardless.

Well I had a great week at home with the family. Got a round of golf in at me mate Kevin’s club in Boynton Beach. It’s called Westchester. I played with me pal Mitch. I shot an 82. I was very happy with that.

I also got to go to the movies with the family. We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp stars in this film and is very funny. It is a cool movie.

Well I’m a bit shagged out at the moment; it could have something to do with not playing a show for over a week, so I’m going to hit the sack.

We’re playing in Hartford tomorrow and I have to be up early, so take care me lovelies, more to come soon.

Stay safe and well
God Bless you all.

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