07 Jul 2003 - At home with Nicko

At home in London.
Time 11:58pm.

Well, well, well,
How the blazes are you all?
I’m doing great today thank you.

Yesterday was a hoot, [Sunday]. I had my son come up from Weston to see me and he arrived around 4 in the afternoon. I was going to meet him at the train station but he jumped into a cab so that I could watch the Wimbledon final. It was great. I love this time of the year!

Nick is staying with me until Wednesday when he will head back to Weston. He has a part-time gig at a newsagent to make a little extra cash. We watched the tennis and then went up to the pub for dinner and a beer. We had a lovely evening together. I don’t see enough of my son so I relish being with him so much.

I hit me bed quite early, around 10:30pm. I wasn’t feeling that great actually. I don’t know whether it was a bit of dodgy grub or maybe a bit of dodgy beer that was making me feel a wee bit queasy. I was OK though.

We got up late at 11ish and made a wee bit of breakfast and a cup of rosie lee. I had a couple of appointments in the afternoon so we just hung and watched telly. I pottered around sorting out the last of my stuff in me house. I’m renting out me place and as I’m leaving for the States on Sunday this week I need to have everything out and ready for a tenant. It’s amazing how much crap one keeps and hoards. Isn’t it boys and girls?

Well we had a show at Graspop in Belgium on Saturday. We all met up at the airport for a 5:30 flight. We were due on stage at 11:30pm so we didn’t need to leave until quite late. The flight only took a little over 45 minutes. We flew into Brussels and then had a 1-hour drive to the show. Once we were there we had a bunch of interviews to do. We were done with these by 9 in the evening.

Alice Cooper was on stage so I popped up to see him and his band. They were jamming. I also bumped into me old mate Charlie Benanti.
He was looking great and said that he had had a great show. I would have liked to see the boys jamming.

So we hit the stage and had a great show. Only draw back to the evening was the ‘Kin weather. It got really cold on stage and I was feeling it I can tell you. I had to send Pete to get me robe so that in between songs I could try to stay warm. ‘Kin middle of the summer it shouldn’t be that cold. BURRRR!!

It was a great show though! The fans were fantastic and made up for the ‘Kin cold with their warmth. God Bless you all. You were great!!!
After the show we headed back to Brussels and made the flight back to London. We arrived at a little after 2:20am and I made the drive back to me drum. I was in me bed for a little before 4

Well I had a great day again with me boy. We just got back from a movie and dinner. We went to see Bruce Almighty, very funny film. Jim Carey is a hoot in this flick. After the movie we went to Café Rouge for dinner and we had a nice bottle of white wine, [yes I did say white] it was a Chardonnay. Nick had the minute steak and I had a steak with fries meal - very pleasant it was too. We got back here and Nick is watching the Discovery flight channel while I’m writing this diary. So it’s about time to go and get ready for me pit.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all

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