07 Jul 2003 - Nicko's back

Well, well, well,
I’ve got my computer back after a week of not being able to write me diaries and going on line and all that good stuff.

The ‘Kin thing took a nosedive after I shut it down on the plane. Well it’s fixed now.

So what have I been doing?
Lots of shows and a lot of drinking and not remembering what’s been happening. Well we did a ‘kin great show in Paris I remember that.
Then it was on to Roskilde. That was ‘Kin rocking too. Then on to Helsinki that was ‘Kin brilliant as well.

After Roskilde we went to Stockholm and based ourselves there. We commuted to Helsinki.
We played on Stockholm on the Monday night and it was a ‘Kin brilliant gig. The fans were the best ever. There were ‘Kin hot air balloons flying over the gig it was a fantastic sight.

My old mate Peter Lokrantz came to see me in the afternoon. We had lunch at a most wonderful restaurant by the side of the archipelago. In the evening he came to the show and worked on Harry’s back for a while. After the gig we had a small party back at the hotel. Harry had the Maiden football team in tow for a game the next day, so good to form they all went out training until 4 in the morning, Good lads, they always do what the coach tells em!
Jan went out as well leaving the rest of us to carry the flag.
We had a blast. Davey, Tamar and meself ended up playing blackjack until the wee hours. I actually won 20 Kronor. Not bad for the evening.

The next day I had arranged for a golf game with me new pal Solar. He is the head pro at a club called Ullna just outside Stockholm. I played there on Sunday and had the immense pleasure of meeting Jasper Parnavik. What a great guy. I warmed to him immediately and we swapped numbers. He has a home in Jupiter Florida just up the road from me. We’re going to meet up later this year. So I had another game planed with Solar and the chairman of the club, Gunner Jacobson. He is a top geezer, loves the game and a hoot to boot. We had a blast. Oh yes I played with a guy on Sunday that is Sweden’s answer to Bruce Forsyth. His name is Lasse Berghagman. He has a variety show that 2 million people tune into every week. He is a most wonderful guy.

I went to see him perform on the Tuesday after me game of golf, which by the way was stunning - I played really well and shot 11 over par for the coarse. I had a beautiful time.
Thank you to all our fans and my new dear friends that I made in Sweden. You are all truly great.

So here we are flying back to London after 2 brilliant shows in Oslo Norway. They were the best as well. We are flying at present and there are so many people coming to see us it’s truly great. Thank you to everyone that is supporting us and coming along to the shows. We are having the best time on this tour EVER !!!!!

Well we’re about to arrive in Blighty. So until later then.

My love to you all.
Stay safe and well.
God Bless you.


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