25 Jun 2003 - Nicko - Computer Problems

On board jet from London to Paris, France.
Time: 3:00pm

Well, well, well,
Yes I do feel good today thank you!
How about you?

I had a great day yesterday. I got to see my sister and family. We had barbeque. It was fantastic.

Anyway our last show was on Monday in Fribourg Switzerland.

We arrived into Bern at around 4:00pm and took a bus into the city. It was a very beautiful day. We stayed at a hotel called the Bellevue Palace. It was very special. The view over the city and river were spectacular. I dropped my bags off in my room and then went to the patio for a cup of coffee. As I was walking into the main room that led out to the bar I was stopped and refused entry by a sweet little girl that worked there. I was just about to explain to her that I lived there for the day when one of the managers appeared and told her that all was OK. So I ordered a nice Latte and sat down and enjoyed the scenery.

After a while I went back up to my room. I had a wee snooze and then had a call for a 6:15 leave. The drive to the show took just on one hour. We were supposed to have a police escort to get us through the traffic but it seemed that his blue ‘Kin lights and siren didn’t work as we were stuck in ‘Kin traffic with the venue in sight. Typical. Waste of time.
So we get to the show and I had an interview and then met with a few guys from my cymbal company Paiste. Danny Zimmermann from artist relations was there with a few of the guys from the factory. Steffen and Bruno and a couple of others were with them...

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