23 Jun 2003 - Nicko's in a Deep Purple mood

On board jet flying from London to Bern, Switzerland. Time 2:25pm.

Well then, how are you all today?
Yes I’m doing very well thank you!

I had a great day off yesterday.

We arrived back from our show in Waldrock Holland at 10:30am Sunday morning. We had to spend the night in Groningen. The night before was amazing. The show was sold out. It was a festival. Only drawback was it was freezing cold. The temperature was about 48/50f degrees. The gig went great and we all had a blast. We took to the stage at 10:30 pm, a little later than usual.

After the show we headed back to the hotel. I met Jan, Bruce and Ian in the foyer and we had a bottle of lovely red wine I picked up four bottles of Brane Cantanace 97 at the hotel, it is a beautiful wine. I hit the sack at 2:30am.
Woke up at 9 o-clock and made me way down for breakfast. We had a 10 o-clock departure. After we checked out we headed over to the airport. We were airborne at 10-30. It only took us an hour to get back. We were on the ground in blighty at 10:30am.

I had arranged for a golf game with a friend of Steve Smiths named Graham. He works with him at Jaguar. We had a great game. We played at a club called Kenilworth. Nice track. I shot a 12 over par and was very happy with me game. After we finished we headed over to a pub in Monkswell named 'The Bear', Great food and a nice pint. Steve and Jan arrived just after 7 o-clock and we ordered some food. I had a roast beef with all the fixings and Jan had the same. I tell you she was very lucky that evening. As she was eating she crunched on something hard in amongst her mouthful of food. She managed to find what it was and, cor blimey, it was a drawing pin. No honest. She had nearly swallowed it poor girl. Can you imagine that! Steve called over the manageress, whom Jan knew, and he told her what had just happened. She was a little bemused but there really wasn’t a whole lot she could do. She comped the desserts and made a big apology. Jan was not amused at all. I don’t blame her.

After dinner we said goodbye to Graham and headed over to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. I had 5 tickets to go see Deep Purple. I took Steve and Jan and Mark White and his lovely wife Debbie. The band was on fire. I love these guys they are so ‘Kin tight its great. Ian Gillan was in fine voice and Steve Morse's guitar work was on splendid form. Don Airey did a fantastic keyboard solo that you would have to go a ‘Kin long way to better. He is awesome. Roger Glover was stunning as usual and along with the heartbeat was me lovely pal Ian Paice. He’s always on top of the game. I love watching him play. He has a great and unique style when he plays. He makes it look so effortless. I love him. God Blessed you mate!

Well, after the show I had to drive back to London. Steve, Jan and myself left just as they were playing the last song. I would have loved to see the guys but I needed to get home to me kip.
It’s close to landing time now so I’m going to have to sign off.

I hope you boys and girls are all well.
Stay safe.
God Bless you all.

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