23 Jun 2003 - Nicko - bulletin boards, plumbers and golf

Saturday morning in London. Time: 10:25pm.

Steady boys and girls.
I’ve been on the old bulletin board over the last couple of nights and I have seen a few derogatory remarks and a few grumblings about the boys. Well let me put a few things into perspective for those of you with only a couple of brain cells. That is if you can read and make any sense of what you’re looking at!!!
Maiden is a very, very, happy band. We are at this moment having the very best time that we have ever had touring. One of the main reasons is you lot and a most splendid road crew and team. Those of you that REALLY know this band see that and have shown us your support at all of our shows.

I can’t imagine why some of you out there think that we have lost touch with what touring is about. It has absolutely nothing to do with being on a ‘Kin tour bus or in a ‘Kin jet, what it has to do with is ‘Kin rock and ‘Kin roll music and playing the best gig you can every time you hit the stage. We love what we do and are proud to be a family.

So I hope that the minority of you that have nothing better to do than dig into the realms of stupidity will get a life and enjoy the band for what it always has been. Get a Life!!!

So with that off me chest, onwards.

I enjoy writing these diaries for you and if some ‘Kin knee jerks out there don’t like them that’s OK ‘cause they don’t have to read them do they. Sorted.

No, No, No.
Honestly I am in a good mood. Just because I’m having a go doesn’t mean I’m cranky or anything like that. You have to say what you feel don’t you. In actual fact I’m very happy today. I had a great day off yesterday and all my appointments turned up over the course [OOPS there’s that word again] and I got all me bits and pieces down by 1 o-clock in the afternoon. Splendid.

Firstly I had a lady turn up just after ten to sort out my settee. The rubber springs needed replacing. She came in with a screwdriver in hand and dismantled the bottom of the settee. It took her about 10 minutes and then she was off. Then Berne the gardener arrived to collect some money that I owed him and finished nailing the fence together in the back garden. He was on his way by 12:30pm. After that, well you guessed it, me plumber pal John Stone arrived, tools in hand bless him. “Sorry for the delay in getting to you” he said, “I’ve been swamped over the last couple of days”. “No problem” I told him. I didn’t have the heart to tell ‘im off.
He sorted the pipe hammering and the leak from the tap and then sorted the plug in the sink in the bathroom. He was done in about 45 minutes and then left just after 1:15.

Well I was very happy everything was going great. So I thought what shall I do now?

Yes you guessed it I went up to me golf club. Just before leaving I called me old mate Terry Thomas to see if he fancied a knock. He couldn’t make it as he was already down for a 6 o-clock tee of with a club match that evening. So I went up on me own. When I arrived I popped into see Alex the club secretary to sort out a handicap card. She filled on out for me with a 13 handicap. Not too bad.

So next stop the bar. I met an old mate called Mel; he was club captain back in 98. We had a wee drink and then I went off to the first tee after picking up a trolley. On the first was a guy named Rish. He was on his own. I asked if he would like some company we played 10 holes together. Really nice guy. I was playing out me shoes. When we finished the tenth I was 1 under par. Rish had to leave and go pick his son up so I was heading to the 11th tee when I saw a guy come around the corner of the pro shop. He was looking for a game. “Want to play along with me?” I asked. “Yes, I would like that' he replied. So off we went, as we were walking down the 12th fairway I asked him what he did for a living. He was a young guy in his early twenties and he said that he was in the music business. “Oh OK” I said, “What do you do in the music business”. “I manage a pop band,” he said. “Have you heard of a band called Busted,” he asked. “No” I replied.
Well I don’t ‘Kin know all right. Just cause you lot might have heard of em doesn’t mean that I have, sheesh.

So then he asked me what I do. I told him I played in a band. “Oh what’s the name of your band then” he asked.” Well come on” I said, “It’s ‘Kin stitched all over me golf bag along with me name” soppy plonker. “Oh yeah” he said. so that was it all the small talk out the way so on with the game. I didn’t do too well after that and I ended up shooting 9 over par. Not too bad I was very happy with the way I played. Oh yes I nearly forgot. When we were on the 16th tee the two guys behind us came over and asked if either of us had lost a black bum bag. “Hang on” I said, “I have a black bum back, let me check”. Would you Adam and Eve it. It was mine that he had found. 15 holes I had played and it hadn’t fallen out until now. The lord was looking over me that afternoon I can tell you. What an honest man. I said “Thank you very much mate, very honest of you” 'Well I’m a golfer” was his reply. Praise the lord man. So after my round I went and had a couple of beers in the bar. There were a few members in there that I hadn’t seen in a while so I sat with them and had a chat. The two guys that were behind me came in and I bought them both a beer to say thanks. After that I went home and spoke with the family for a while, after that I went to the old fish shop for a takeaway. I had a most lovely piece of Haddock with a pickled onion some chips and baked beans.

Well I am going to be on a small plane this afternoon travelling to Holland so I’m sure it will be very interesting and more than likely very smelly Tee Hee.

Well It’s getting late and I have to get ready to leave for the airport. We have a show in the Netherlands this evening at a place called Waldrock. We have a 2:30pm departure.

More to come later boys and girls

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all

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