19 Jun 2003 - Nicko - Golf, gigs and the elusive plumber

On board jet flying from London to Zlin, Czech Republic. Time 2:10 local.

Well, well, well,
I’m feeling the best today. I waited for me plumber to turn up yesterday but he didn’t make it. I shall have words if I ever see ‘im. So I waited until 2 o-clock in the afternoon and decided to go and have a game of golf. I headed up to the course and paid for a trolley and made me way to the first tee. I lamped one straight into the right rough but could lay an iron on a bit of the ball. Made a 5 on the first.
Got through 4 holes on me own and then teamed up with a guy called Mike on the 5th tee box. He was playing on his own as well and was stuck behind a four ball in front of him so I offered him to play along with me self. He was a really nice guy but he didn’t stop talking from the moment we met until the time we finished, it was hard going I can tell you. I shot a 6 over par. Must have something to do with really concentrating on the shot, trying to block out the geezers blabbering. Cor blimey mate.

So we’re off to do a show in Zlin this evening. Everyone is in high spirits today. I love the sound of laughter and Jan has a story on the go that’s got the back of the plane in stitches.
The inside of the jet is configured with 4 seats in front, 2 facing each other, i.e. one facing forward and one back, and the same in the back with a seat over the pot. Geezer Gadd usually gets to sit there. So we have nine seats total. The plane is a Lear 45. It goes very fast. Lovely. Well we’re about to land in Brno. So I’ll be back later this evening.

On board jet from Brno to London. Time: 12:20pm Local.

Hello boys and girls.
Look here we have just got off the ground after what was a fantastic ‘Kin night I can tell you. We arrived safely at Brno airport and had a drive of just over 70 kilometres to Zlin. We did get stuck in some traffic and eventually arrived at the show at a little after 6 0clock. The journey took us just under two hours.

When I arrived I had a little bit of catering and then had a play on me wee set of drums. I had an interview scheduled for 8 o-clock. So there was plenty of time to relax. We were due on stage at 9 0-clock. Everything was running on time. We hit the stage and had a ‘Kin great time the best yet for me. I think it may have had something to do with the massage that I had just before the show. I had a 20-minute rub down from 8:30 and then went straight on stage. I felt ‘Kin great! We were on fire tonight. The sound was fantastic for me on stage and I was feeling right on top of the game. The audience were magic tonight. Everyone had a blast. The venue was 8000 capacity, but somehow they managed to squeeze over 9000 fans into the place. Brilliant vibe I can tell you.

After the show we did a runner and the drive took us a little over an hour to the airport at Brno. We had two vans to take us from the gig and in mine were H and Jan with our Wally and the promoter, Robert. He was a happy man as well. We cracked open a bottle of red wine and had polished that off by the time we had arrived at Brno. We boarded the jet and took off at a little after 12:20am. Our flight time is 1 hour and 40 minutes so I should be at me home in London for just after 2 in the morning. Not too bad. I still have to get me flippin tap taken care of though... So thanks to everyone who came to the show you were all brilliant, we look forward to seeing you all later in the year. We have the day off tomorrow so maybe I’ll get a game of golf in. You never know?

Take care.
God Bless you all.
Stay safe.

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