18 Jun 2003 - Nicko - Mad drivers, noisy Murderdolls and late plumbers

At home in London. Time:12:30pm.

Well, well, well,
I’m sitting writing this diary in my house in London and I must say I’m feeling 100% better today thank you boys and girls. We had a most splendid night, and day, yesterday although mine started out very shaky.

We had a flight booked for 2 o-clock in the afternoon leaving from Stansted going to Zargreb, Croatia. Well as I arrive at the front gate of the fight service centre I realise that I’d left me ‘Kin passport sitting on the ‘Kin table at me ‘Kin house. It was 1:30pm and it usually takes 40 minutes to get from me house in North London to Stansted so I knew that we would not make our departure time. So I ran into the centre, told geezer Gadd and our Wally that I was going to have to go back into London and retrieve me ‘kin passport or there would not be a show that evening. I ran out and got back into me jam jar and sped off back into London. Well I can tell you I was not a happy man. I had to floor it to get back to my house and then back to the airport within 1 hour and 30 minutes. I wanted to be airborne for 3 o-clock. I nearly killed meself a couple of times as there was a lot of traffic to negotiate. I got to my house in just over 40 minutes and retrieved me passport and a big bottle of water and made me way back towards Stansted. Only problem was that just up the road from my house, the way that I needed to return, there was a massive traffic jam. I had to make a detour to get back on track I had the thought of returning a different route along a road called the North Circular. I’m so glad that I didn’t make that decision as there was a tunnel closure, and that meant trouble. So I got back on track and eventually arrived at the front gate of the centre at a little before 3pm. I boarded with the guys and I must say they were all cool about my mess up.

We actually were airborne a little after 3:10. Gaddzy had allowed a one-hour buffer anyway so we were actually on schedule. SORTED!!!!!!

We arrived at the airport and did the necessary formalities and headed to the gig. It was an outdoor show at a football stadium. We were expecting around 12,000 thousand fans. We did some interviews and a small meet and greet and had a stage time of 9:15. We asked Robbie Price our production manager if we could get on stage a little early. ‘No Problem’ he said so we all thought great we’ll definitely make the airport on time so that we could get back to Blighty that evening. We only had a 15 minute window to get from the gig to the airport, as it would be closing at 11:30pm for runway maintenance. Not very much time to make it. Well would you believe it Robbie was ready for us early and we actually went on stage 5 minutes late at 9:20pm. As we were late going on we had to leave out a song on the encore. Our apologies to you boys and girls for missing a tune but I’m sure we made you happy anyway. It was a fantastic evening. You all made us feel great. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Oh yes I forgot to tell you. When we arrived at the gig there were messages posted all over the venue saying something like Murderdolls would like to apologies for their behaviour last night, Blah de Blah so on and so forth, as it turns out that they got pie faced the night before and were making a bunch of noise outside the crew hotel. Now you’ve got to imagine this... it is 4 in the morning it’s 100 degrees or close to it and there is NO air conditioning in the hotel so everyone has their windows open OK. So our Lucy, [she’s our lovely wardrobe lass], hears all this racket going on outside her window and so pops her head out and tells em to shut the ‘Kin heck up. To which she receives a tirade of abuse and insults. She was very annoyed and upset to say the least. Well things didn’t turn out too good for the band, as we do not tolerate that sort of stuff happening to any one in our family. So they were read the Maiden riot act and given the opportunity to apologies to Lucy. I hope that things settle down for them and they learn a very important lesson from all this.

Well that’s about it for today. I may go have a game of golf this afternoon. But I’m waiting for my plumber to turn up and fix me dripping tap. No honest.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.

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