13 Jun 2003 - Nicko en route to San Sebastian

On board jet from Madrid to San Sebastian.
Time: 1:10pm Local.

Well, well, well,
We’re on our way to wonderful San Sebastian. We played in the old Playa de Torres bullring last night. It was a very smelly place I can tell you. They have a very high season of bull fighting at this place the back stage area was very dirty. That wasn’t too bad, though the operating theatre where they take the mashed up toreadors was a little off-putting.


We arrived at the hotel around 4 o-clock. After dropping the old bags off I headed down to the Planet Hollywood for a spot of late lunch. It was just a stroll from the hotel. Jan and H were already in there so I joined them. Steve was going to join us a little later after he had made some phone calls. We asked if Danny, one of the managers was working. Our waitress informed us that he would be in for 6 0-clock. We ordered some grub and I had a hamburger and fries and a beer. Yes I know, we don’t drink before a gig. Well that is usually the case except for today. Ok I felt like having one so I did, didn’t I.POO POO.

Steve joined us and he had some pasta. After a wee while a few of Steve’s mates turned up. It was the original guitarists from the early Maiden, Mark 1 era. Their names are Terry Rance and Dave Sullivan. Dave had his wife Lorraine with him and also one of the first roadies Jeff Daniels. I met him for the first time at the Barcelona show. Steve went and sat with them. We started to get ready to leave when Danny arrived. He took great care of us when we passed through on the last tour. They showed their hospitality again and swagged us up with a nice Planet Hollywood T shirt, which I happen to be wearing today boys and girls. They also comped our meal, very gracious of them Thank you Danny and all the staff at the restaurant. After our late lunch I headed back to the hotel. I had a lie down for a half hour and fell into a deep snooze. I was woken up and told the bus was ready to leave for the show. We were at the gig 30 minutes later. I did a TV for a local station and then went to get ready for the show. We were on stage at 10pm. The gig went great. We all had a great time and came off stage and, yes you guessed it we did a runner. We got back to the hotel at a little after midnight and I took a shower.

We had arranged to meet in the bar for a wee nightcap. When I arrived Rod was sitting with our EMI rep Frank Rodriguez and his team of retailers. We all said hello and had a few snaps taken and then I sat with Frank and had a nice Tequila and orange juice. Gaddzy sat with me and after a little chat with Frank I ended up talking with Mick Hudson, he’s the photographer with Metal hammer. They’re also out with us for a couple of days. Mick is out with a guy called Daniel. They’re doing a special piece on the band. After a couple of drinks I headed back up to me room.

The gig that evening was great. Me old mate Patrick Hegan arrived after driving from Barcelona. He had dropped his cousin off at the airport and then made his way over to Madrid.
We had a blinding show. Pat said that the sound was very good. After the show we did a runner and met in the hotel bar for a wee libation.

Well I’m going to go know and have a look out the window as we’re nearing San Sebastian.

Stay safe and well.
God Bless you all.

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