07 Jun 2003 - Nicko In Poland

On board jet from cologne to Nuremberg, Germany. Time 1-30pm.
And from my hotel room in Nurnberg, Germany.
8-6-03 Time 2-00pm.

How the blazes are you today boys and girls?
I’m doing very well thank you. I had a most splendid couple of days.

After the Donington show we had a couple of days off.

On the Tuesday we played in Poland. The gig was in Katowice at the Spodek. We have played there before. It was a most stunning gig. We played a blinder. The audience were fantastic and we all agreed that it was the best gig from a performance point of view so far.

We all met at Stansted for a 1-30pm departure. I had left my family back in London. They were going over to the Gatwick Meridian to spend their night there and then on Wednesday pop on a Virgin plane back over the pond. It’s always so very hard to say goodbye. I will not be seeing them until the 13th of July. That is one of the hardest things to deal with when you go on the road.

So we’re all aboard and flight time was a couple of hours. When we arrived we popped to the hotel, which was just over the road from the gig. It used to be called the Orbis but the Novotel Hotel chain have bought into them so it had had a face lift recently. We first stayed in this hotel in 1985 when the country was racked in the grips of dreaded communism and what not. It is so nice to see the people happy and with more smiles on their faces.

So we hit the stage at 9-30pm and as I said rocked the gaff to the floor. The fans were as brilliant as they always are in Poland. We were all very happy with the bight. After the show we all hung back stage and did the usual shower thing and H, Davey and myself took in a nice drop of red wine that we are carrying on tour with us. My friend Mark Gutterres from Trans Am Trucking supplied the menu of wines for me. He’s a top man. So after a while we headed back to the hotel. After dropping our stuff off we all met in the hotel bar for a nightcap. It was a great evening. We have fond memories of this place and it wasn’t long before the old war stories started to make an appearance. All in all we had a great visit to Poland. Thank you to all our fans that came that evening.

The next day saw us leave the hotel at around 2- o’clock. We were due to depart Katowice at around 3-30pm. We arrived at the airport in good time and started our flight to Budapest. We arrived after a flight of 40 minutes and went straight to the gig. We don’t have a hotel to go to when we are returning to London after a show such as the one tonight. At the gig we had a spot of catering and after dinner we all had various press to do. I got teamed up with Bruce and we did a couple of TVs together. One of the interviewers was a little shall we say OFF with some of her questions. Like the one of ‘Is it true that when a man cuts his hair it makes him more athletic and that he has more sex drive and such’? What a load of B—llocks. Can you imagine sitting through questions like that? Believe me it was one of the most boring and stupid interviews either of us had done.

So after they were finished we all had a little time to relax. I went and played my little Premier Club kit that I have on the road. It’s a perfect size for a small room and it has a fantastic sound as well. I played for a half-hour and then went to get ready for the show. We played at the Kisstadion. Originally we were going to play at a place called Petofi Csarnok, but the ticket sales were more than its capacity of 6000. Lazlo, our promoter, changed the venue as we had sold over 8000 tickets. Not bad ahhhheeee.

Lazlo came over and said Hi to me it was really nice to see him again. When we first met it was in 1984 when we played to 30,000 people. We also played in a ‘Kin car park. It was one of the strangest places that I’ve ever played. I remember that we had a wee riot when some East German fans broke down the fence and bunked in. The police got a little heavy handed and some folks got hurt. Not good. Lazlo it was an honour and a pleasure to see you again mate.

We had a blast on stage and we were also very happy with the sound on stage. It is so important that everyone hears each other. It can be a bit of a problem when you can’t. We had a great gig. The crowd were amazing and we all felt up at the vibe we got from everyone. Thank you Budapest for a memorable evening.

After the show we did a runner. What that means is that we have a van waiting back stage and we run straight off stage into it. Then drive to either the hotel or as in this case to the airport. We get changed out of our stage clothes and put them in our respective running bags that then go back with the driver to the gig to be given to Lucy our wardrobe lass. Then of course she washes them so they’re ready for the next show. We have to have what we call a French whores shower, which is basically spraying oneself with a lot of deoderant.

As we were on stage fairly early at 8-30pm we were in the van on the way to the airport at just after 10-20pm. We were airborne at 11-0clock pm. The flight took us just 2 hours and I was in my car driving back to London from Stansted at a little after midnight. I walked through my front door at 12-45am. Thursday morning. I was still on an up from the gig so I watch an old Tony Curtis movie and then went to bed.

This trip was smashing. I had a great time in Poland and Budapest. Thanks to all you boys and girls for making it so special.

God Bless you all.
Stay safe and well.

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