27 May 2003 - Nicko - From Toulouse to Toulon

On the road to Toulon from Toulouse - Time: 2:10pm.
And from the plane going to London - 28-5-03 - Time: 10am local.

Well, well, well.
Here we are then
We’re all a little miffed off today, as we have to go by road instead of plane.
There’s a Kin air traffic control strike that came into place at 11-o clock last night. It is expected to last for 24 hours. Would you Adam and Eve it boys and girls. We’ve got spoilt riding in a private jet. This journey is taking us about five hours by road, in the old jet it would be just under one hour. Oh well.

So last night we played at Le Zenith in Toulouse.
Blinding gig. The sound was great. We had a full house of five thousand and everyone had a great time. We went on stage at nine forty five and jammed out, man it was a hot one as well. I had a bit of a hard time as I was feeling a little tired from the past couple of days.
I didn’t make my friends party on Sunday as I was not feeling that good when I got home to London. I kicked back in the afternoon, had a wee siesta and watched the Volvo championship final round on the TV.
Around eight in the evening I made my way over to the hotel at Gatwick airport.
I had a spot of dinner and turned in around twelve o clock.
I awoke at six in the Kin morning; I guess I was excited to be seeing the family. They were due to arrive at seven o clock. I met them and we arrived back at the hotel at around eight thirty. It was so special to see them my little one was so excited. So was I. TEE HEE.

I had a nap for a while and then got up and made the journey over to Stansted.
I left the family sleeping. I didn’t want to leave them but the show must go on.
I arrived at the airport and we all except Steve were a little bit late as there was a lot of traffic on the M11 going due to the air show at North Weald. It’s an old World War Two airfield located just outside Harlow in Essex. You have to pass it on the way to Stansted.
We did manage to make our slot time for departure. The flight was around two hours and after we landed we straight to the hotel.
Stage time was nine forty-five. The show was great. We played a good one and we were all very happy to be firing on all eight cylinders.

So now down to the ‘Kin air traffic control strike!!!!!!
After we came off stage Ian informed us of the strike. So we had to implement plan B.
We had to hire three mini vans to get us the three hundred miles to Toulon. ‘Kin amazing, not only was there a Kin air traffic strike, there also was a ‘Kin strike by utility Kin workers from Toulouse. Our hotel was located in the centre of town right off of the main city square, a very beautiful part of the old city.
So there must have been a ‘Kin hundred or so vehicles of all shapes and sizes gathered in front of the capital building beeping there ‘Kin horns every five minutes or so.
Not conducive to a ‘kin good mornings rest’ AAAHHHHHHHHEEEEEE!

So I’m up and out for a strut, and just over the opposite side of the square there is a McDonalds, so I decided to have a spot of breakfast. As it was such a beautiful morning I decided to sit outside on the boulevard and take in the view of the striking city workers and their equipment and so forth. I found it strange but around the outskirt of the square there was a small market. There were various stalls selling everything from meat and veg, etcetera, to African artefacts and such. Very bizarre.
After having a bite or two of me burger, I saw Steve and Jan coming out of the restaurant. They sat with me until I had finished my food and then we all went back to the hotel together Toulouse is a university city so there were a lot of very interesting people wandering around.

We arranged to leave the hotel in Toulouse at midday and with three guys too each van we hit the road.
The journey took around five hours with a pit stop just outside Toulon.
We had a wee snack as we had decided that we would take in some of our lovely catering delights. I had a superb shepherds pie with baked beans, lovely jubbly.
The gig was cracking. Though we all felt a little road lag we had a good time on stage. In the dressing room after we all felt a little worse for ware. Of course we were all looking forward to getting on the plane to come home that evening as the strike was only supposed to last for twenty four hours, but guess what..?

Marseille ‘Kin air traffic control decided that THEY wanted to stay out until seven the next ‘Kin morning, so the ‘Kin plane was still in Toulon, and we were stranded in ‘Kin Toulouse. ‘Kin Great. Ian had arranged for a hotel at the Marseille airport. We all had a shower and headed over there. The drive was about one hour and we were all tucked up in bed by three o’clock in the am. The plane was going to be at Marseille for a ten o’clock departure. We had wake up calls for nine for a nine thirty leave from the hotel.
Considering the lack of slumber, we’re all in high spirits this morning. We have our answer to bin ‘Kin laden on board with us today. Wally Grove. It’s his first flight today and is very happy to be with us. Of coarse we have to watch out for the cucumber sandwiches as he might slip in a couple of extra portions leaving the cupboard bare if you get me drift.

Well boys and girls, the next time you here from me we will have done the donington show. I’m looking forward to it immensely.
I will have had me new tubs set up for it and I shall have had some time with my lovely family.
Of course you lot are and always will be my extended family, you know that don’t you.
Well we’re about ready to land at the old airport.
Thanks to all our friends and fans in Toulon. It was great to see me old pal Lionel last night.
Stay safe mate.

My love to all.
God Bless you.
Stay safe.

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