23 May 2003 - Nicko - Heading back to Blighty

On board the plane.
Time 11: 30am.
Part two.

Well, well, well. Boys and girls. How are you doing?
I’m doing great thank you, actually I feeling Kin marvellous.
We’re all heading back to Blighty today after what was a furious Kin evening.
We played Gijon last night and were amazed at the energy that was spent on stage. The sound in the room was much better than the previous evening and the fans no less enthusiastic !!! The Spanish fans are truly amazing!
We went on stage at 10'o'clock and played for close to two hours.
Rod did his usual routine of coming to the dressing room and giving us a vibe up and then went out to the soundboard. He’s been trying to cut out the oily rags, [that’s fags for you boys and girls, sd_cigarettes] but every time he gets out to the mixer the old puff demons come and get him and he’s usually seen chain smoking. He must get through twenty plus when he comes to see us. ( BO***CKS – ed )
So we get on the stage with I might add a more comfortable sort of nervousness than the previous night. We all felt that the sound on stage was much better than the night before and so we had a tighter sound and performance. There was a few problems with the running of the back drops and such, and at the end of the show, large Eddie decided that he wanted more spondulies and so went on strike, he was a very naughty boy. He was supposed to make an appearance and misbehaved himself and didn’t do his bit.
Sheash, you just can’t rely on people anymore.
Most of us stayed behind after the show. I had a massage just to relieve a few aching joints and such. Well you know it is almost two hours up there, STEADY!!!!!!
Dave and Jan both did a runner. Davey had an early night and Jan went out to the nearest Irish pub with Ian and had a fairly early night. The rest of us turned in as the hotel bar was shut. Amazing, we’re in Spain it’s two in the morning and the bars shut Oh well.

So here we are flying at forty thousand feet, Bruce is at the controls and I’m just getting ready to wind up for the day. We have the day off today and I’m planning on going to me mate Geoffrey Whithorns party over in Gravesend. He’s having a second house warming party. After that I’m heading over to Gatwick Meridian hotel for the night as my wife, the lovely Rebecca, and me son Justin, are flying in for Donington. I can’t wait to see them both. Nick my eldest will be joining us towards the end of the week. It will be the first time since Christmas that we’ve all been together.
Oh yes I forgot to mention. When we were getting ready to depart Geezer Gadd had realised that he had left his mobile phone at the security checkpoint. ‘Oh b------s’ he said
“I’ve left me phone at the gate”. Just then the plane was being taxied to the end of the runway. I asked Captain Doug if we could turn around and retrieve the said phone and he said ‘No problem’ so we turned around and were greeted by a lovely lass carrying the phone.
Gadd will be paying the fuel bill for a very, very long time.
That’s the beauty of private aviation.

God Bless you.
Stay safe and well.


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